Why Is My Sublimation Ink Dull – Brighten Up Prints

Why is my sublimation ink dull? It’s a common sublimation issue in which sublimation ink looks dull or blurry when first printed. As you start dye-sublimation printing, you may face obstacles, including the transfer coming out blurry or faded.

But be satisfied. We have brought solutions to these common issues you ever face in sublimation printing.

Why Is My Sublimation Ink Dull

Why Is My Sublimation Ink Dull – Causes and Effects

Several factors affect the sublimation prints, and sublimation ink looks dull when printed out.


  • Use of low-quality sublimation ink
  • The setting of the printer
  • Selection of the sublimation paper
  • Selection of the fabric quality and color
  • Adjustments in graphic programs


  • The usage of low-quality ink makes the sublimation print dull and straightforward. It will retain its color for a short time. However, it will lead to a loss of customers and product liability claims.
  • Printer settings also cause the sublimation print to be dull. If your print is not bright, it’s probably due to the setting of time, pressure, and temperature.
  • If high-quality paper is not used, it will not release the dyes on the surface of the material in an effective way.
  • If the polyester fabric is not used, the sublimation ink will not correctly penetrate the fabric. This will result in the formation of blur prints. The color of the fabric also affects the sublimation print. On the white fabric, don’t use white color ink in the design.
  • If you make print directly from illustrator and Photoshop, there are different color settings options. These allow you to make the color bright that you are using in print.

How To Achieve Sublimation Prints Brighter – Best Ways

If your sublimation prints are dull and not vibrant, use the following strategies to make brighter prints.

1. Use Of High-Quality Sublimation Ink

The quality of ink is the most critical factor that affects print brightness. To make a vibrant print, use high-quality sublimation ink that easily transfers on the fabric and lasts for a long time. The best ink is one which contains metallic pigments. It has a higher density than other inks available in the market. Therefore ink produces brighter prints that last for a long time.

2. Use Of High-Quality Paper

The selection of paper is an essential step in sublimation printing. Before sublimation, choose the sublimation paper with a good White base and brighten colors well. It will make the color pop on the page when they are sublimated onto it.

A good Sublimation paper has the following characteristics:

  • It should withstand the heat of the heat press machine
  • It should hold the sublimation ink without allowing the micro ink dots
  • It should release the dyes into the surface of the fabric when heated

3. Use Of Good Printer

Use a good printer to make prints brighter and more vibrant. If you have a good printer, then you are good to go!

4. Add Flock To Your Project.

The usage of the flock will boost the brightness of the colors. Flock is a durable material that is added to any surface. It helps in light reflection, which makes the surface brighter and more vibrant.


Q No.1) Why are my transfers not coming out vibrant?
Because of some reason, your transfers could be more vibrant. First, make sure you are printing on the bright side of the paper to get vibrant prints. Generally, the other side is off-white. Secondly, make sure the usage of the color correction program is.

Q No.2) How can ink make a better bond with the substrate?
Ink can bond better to the substrate when the sublimation ink is re-applied at a high-temperature setting.

Q No.3) Why are some light areas present in my print?
Usually, this is the default in applying pressure. You don’t need higher pressure at all. You need more pressure that ensures steady contact between the press and the surface you are pressing.


The solution to the problem, “why is my sublimation ink dull” is described above. We suggest the usage of chroma blast or Ricoh Sublimation paper and Neon inks. Both will make your print vibrant.