Why Is My Black Sublimation Ink Brown

Do not worry because we have got you covered. It is a common issue that black sublimation inks appear brown. If you are a professional printer using sublimation dyes at home, you must know why is my black sublimation ink brown. There is more than one reason for your black ink to appear brown.

Good news is that you don’t have to discard the discolored ink anymore. You will find the ways which prevents discoloration anymore.

Why Is My Black Sublimation Ink Brown

Causes of Black Sublimation ink Turning Brown

Overheating and pressing

Sublimation inks need high temperatures in printers to convert them to gas that leaves a colourful print on your desired materials. During this process, the dyes react chemically with the heat and become lighter in shade. The same is the case with your black dye which appears brown after transfer.

Poor-quality sublimation dye

One of the main reasons for your black sublimation ink to appear brown is that the dye is of poor quality and fades with time. Even during the printing process it smudges and turns brown to ruin your pattern

Prolonged storage time

Although sublimation inks have a long shelf life, if you have opened a sealed dye and do not use it for months, the black dye starts turning brown.

During transfer process

As we know that sublimation dyes are first printed on transfer paper and then on your desired material, it is quite common that the black dye becomes brown during several layering of the sublimation dye.

Possible Solution to Prevent Discoloration

The solution to your mystery that why my brown sublimation ink brown is here. The diversity in the colour range of sublimation inks is quite normal but you can find the exact shade of black you want for your printing pattern. To get rid of unwanted brown colour you must

  • Buy a high-end sublimation ink
  • Avoid overheating
  • Clean the printers after regular intervals.
  • Use epoxy resins base
  • Do not store dyes for a long time.

Some more issues about the sublimation dyes

Sublimation inks are usually of high quality and they do not fade or come off with multiple washes over time however there are some issues with the sublimation inks that must be solved. You might have queries like:


Q No.1) How long does sublimation ink last in printers?
The shelf life of sublimation is quite impressive and can stay in printers for up to 6 months. But delaying the printing time can change the colour brightness, and texture of the dye and probably clog the printer.

Q No.2) Does the transfer paper need any preparation before the transfer process?
It is appropriate to apply epoxy resin bases to cotton shirts. This gives a smooth and strong grip to the sublimation ink

Final Words On Why Is My Black Sublimation Ink Brown

The deviation in black sublimation dye is a common issue and to get the desired black dye, you must know the reason for the color change and resolve it. When you try to find answer to “why is my black sublimation ink brown” you will surely encounter several answers. However, out of all most appropriate is the shade type used determines the intensity of black color on the ink.