What Can You Use Sublimation Ink On? All You Need To Know

Want To Become a Pro With Sublimation Ink Printing?
The world is shifting towards convenience and reliability in every field. And the same is the case with the printing industries. If you are using sublimation inks on your products and want to know what you can use sublimation inks on, the article is all about you.

These tips and tricks about sublimation ink will change your printing experience and help you enhance your knowledge about sublimation inks.
Let’s start with the most basic information about sublimation inks.

What Can You Use Sublimation Ink On

Sublimation Inks – What Can You Use Sublimation Ink On?

Sublimation Inks - What Can You Use Sublimation Ink On?

Sublimation inks have broad applicability and can be used on almost every kind of material, including:


Sublimation inks can easily be used to print any image and text on all plastics. You only need to consider the temperature because the sublimation printing method uses heat.

Plastic materials can withstand the heat of the printer up to 400F. Remove the upper layer of the plastic and quickly apply the transfer paper within 60 to 70 seconds to avoid deformation.

Fabrics Cotton/ Acrylic/Nylon

Yes, you can use the sublimation inks to print beautifully on your fabrics, especially cotton shirts. These dyes leave colorful prints on your white cotton shirts so smoothly that you are awestruck. These dyes do not come off even after several washes.


As sublimation inks tend to hold onto the surfaces of the materials, you can use them to print intricate patterns on your metallic products.


Regarding sublimation printing on glass, regular glass is not so suitable. Still, a specific tumbler glass can be used. Glass tumblers are printed using dark and vibrant sublimation dyes that give a shiny and vivid outlook.


Sublimation inks can also work their magic on tumblers, but unfortunately, you have to use an epoxy base to fix the sublimation dyes. Otherwise, it will smudge and ruin your design after heating.

Sublimation Inks On Many Surfaces….But How?


Sublimation inks are very reliable, which is why they are highly recommended in the printing industry. There are several reasons to use these dyes. The main reasons being

  • easy to use
  • bright and shiny color range
  • reliable and durable
  • water and heat resistance
  • long shelf life

Sublimation inks can be used on any material with just a little preparation on the printed material. You can print anything like your text, graphics, images, or patterns on almost all the products without fear of color fading and smudging.

FAQs – Sublimation Inks


Q No.1: Do you need a base before sublimation ink?
Although sublimation inks are durable and have a fine grip on nearly all surfaces, it is recommended to use a polyester base first. This gives a smooth and delicate texture to the printed.

Q No.2: Can you use sublimation ink on any material surface?
Yes, the sublimation inks are used on many materials and leave colorful patterns on your desired surfaces. Sometimes you need to prepare the surface for a satisfactory result.



Now you must be reassured about what you can use sublimation ink on. Just apply epoxy resin coating on the surface first and then transfer the print quickly on it without any hustle.

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