Sublimation Printing On Mug – Everything You Need To Know

Sublimation Printing On Mug

Sublimating the substrates like mugs is sometimes a headache. Especially for those people who just entered the sublimation printing field. I was one of them a few years back and at that time there was no proper guideline available following which I can perform the mug sublimation printing.

But now the time has been changed and there are many many tutorials and guides available on the mug sublimation. But the issue is that there are so many different processes and now people are getting confused about which one to follow or what can give the best results to them? To solve this problem, I will explain the best yet easiest way to do sublimation printing on the mug with complete details of the process and accessories.

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So, keep on reading to know every bit of information about sublimation printing on mugs.

Note: All The Information Present In This Article Is Based On My Personal Experience, Research Of Hours, and Industry Experts.

Accessories Needed For Sublimation On Mug

  1. Sublimation printer
  2. Sublimation ink
  3. Heat press machine / Mug press machine
  4. Sublimation paper
  5. Heat gloves and Heat-resisting tape
  6. Sublimatable mugs

Process Of Sublimation Printing On Mugs

Follow the steps explained below step by step and you will end up having awesome vivid, bright colours, and long-lasting printed images on your mugs.

  1. Add the high-quality sublimation ink to your sublimation printer and print your desired image on the sublimation paper. Make sure to adjust the dimensions(height and width) of the image according to the size of the mug.
  2. Cut off the extra paper from the printed image and put it on the sublimatable mug. Tape the edges of the paper with the mug with heat-resisting tape.
  3. Place the mug in the heat press machine(mug press) and start heat pressing it on medium pressure for 120-150 seconds at 180-220 temperature. 
  4. Once the heat pressing is done, wear the heat gloves and hold the mug. Remove the tape and paper from the mug and your sublimation printing on mug is done.
  5. Just for additional information, make sure the temperature, time and pressure of the heat press machine(mug press) are according to the machine itself and mug quality. The provided temperature, pressure, and time are based on my personal experience and I used these exact for my mug sublimation printing.

Is Dye Sublimation Ink Best For Mug Printing

Using the sublimation ink for mug printing is the best option according to my experience. I have done mug printing using many methods and inks. Dye sublimation ink has worked the best for me and my mug printing. But a few checks should be done before doing mug printing with sublimation ink. The ink should be from a well-known brand, high quality, suitable for mug printing, and long-lasting.

Can You Sublimate a Mug Twice

Yes, you can sublimate a mug twice. But before sublimating the mug a second time, you would need to remove the sublimation ink from the mug. It’s doable and most of the time the results are just what we are looking for. But still, I would recommend sublimating a new mug instead of sublimating the same mug twice.

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Can You Remove Sublimation Ink From Mugs | How To Remove Sublimation Ink From Mugs | How Do You Get Sublimation Ink Out Of a Ceramic Mug?

Yes, you can remove sublimation ink from mugs using different methods. There are many methods but the best one that is easy to perform as well as provides the most accurate results is using white vinegar.

The process is quite simple and self-explanatory as well. In a bowl add white vinegar and place a sublimated mug in that. Make sure that the mug is fully dipped in the white vinegar and then leave it there for at least 45 minutes. After that start rubbing the printed area on the mug at 5-10 minutes intervals. Repeat the rubbing 2-3 times and all the ink and printed image will be removed from the sublimated mug. Then you can use that mug for sublimation printing again.

This method is tried and tested by me personally and it worked literally every time. So I would highly recommend you to try this at least once if you wanna remove the sublimation ink from your mug in the most accurate way.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sublimation Printing On Mug

Q.No.1: How long do I press my mug for sublimation?
You need to press your mug for 120-150 seconds at 180-220 C temperature. These numbers also depend on the mug press machine you are using and the quality of the mug as well.

Q.No.2: What kind of mugs can you sublimate on?
You can not sublimate every mug. You need a special mug called a sublimatable mug or the mug for sublimation. They have a specially coated surface on their outer section that makes sure to hold the sublimation ink and print for a longer period of time.

Q.No.3: Are sublimated mugs dishwasher safe?
Yes, sublimated mugs are dishwasher safe.

Q.No.4: Are sublimated mugs microwave safe?
Yes, sublimated mugs are microwave safe.

Q.No.5: Can you sublimate on any ceramic mug?
No, you can not just sublimate on any ceramic mug. The mug should be sublimation friendly to hold the sublimation ink and print. But yes, there are ceramic mugs available in the market that can be used for sublimation. So just search for them and you will surely find many options to choose from.


Sublimating on the mugs is really a fund and a super cool process to do. People are doing it as a hobby as well as professionally. You can gift the special and custom-printed mug to your loved ones or use them as a gift at festivals as well. People love to buy them for their kids as well so you can sell them as well. The process is simple and everything that you need to know about sublimation printing on the mug is available in this article. So start your mug sublimation and make everyone happy.