9 Best Sublimation Ink Brands In 2022 That You Can Go After

9 Best Sublimation Ink Brands In 2022 That You Can Go After

Sublimation printing is the most used printing method available in the market. Some people are doing it for fun, while some are making their living with it. But, the thing that is a must in both cases is the sublimation ink. This method of printing isn’t possible without having good quality sublimation ink. 

However, there are many sublimation ink providers who provide low-quality ink that messes up the thing you print on. 

Also, there is another thing that you have to be careful of. Different ink providers are suitable for different types of sublimation printing. This means that if you use the wrong brand’s ink on any of your objects, then it can ruin it completely.

Therefore, I’m making this little guide for you where I’ve included some of the best sublimation ink brands that you can consider. Make sure you go through this piece of writing till the end so you can understand everything in a good way.

Let us go down to the point without further ado.

Best Sublimation Ink Brands For Different Sublimation Printing

People use sublimation printing in a variety of ways. Some do it on their T-shirt, while some do it on different objects. Therefore, the manufacturers of their inks keep one method in mind. 

This means that the ink that you can use for printing the -T-shirt won’t be good enough to be used for your cup. For that reason, it’s crucial to know the brands and the type of sublimation printing that they make their inks for. 

I’m going to mention them down below so you can choose the one that meets your requirements.

  1. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink
  2. Printer’s Jack Sublimation Ink
  3. J-Teck J-Next Dye Sublimation Ink
  4. EPSON EcoTank
  5. Kiian Digistar Hi-Pro
  6. Inktec Dye Sublimation Ink
  7. PJ Anti-UV Sublimation Ink
  9. CISS Ink System

1) Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

The name Hippo brand always comes on top when it comes to the best sublimation ink brands. This Brand has a 4.7 stars rating on Amazon with tons of reviews from happy customers.  Also, it is one of the most loved and recommended sublimation ink brands by InkGuiding.

This Brand’s inks work great for pillowcases, cross-stitch, ceramics, flip flops, tumblers, hoodies e.t.c If you’re willing and interested in printing on any of these objects, go for the Hiipoo brand’s ink. 

2) Printer’s Jack Sublimation Ink 

If you want to do the sublimation printing on T.shirts, pillows, quilts, cups, cups, cross-stitch, flags, and banners. These sorts of inks are made specially to be used for these objects by a printer’s jack. No doubt that printer’s jack surely deserves to be on the list of top sublimation ink brands.

3) J-Teck J-Next Dye Sublimation Ink

J-tech J is our third sublimation ink brand. It’s a water-based ink that can be used to print on polyester textiles and other materials, including sportswear, uniforms, costumes, skateboards, windsurfers, and snowboards.

4) EPSON EcoTank

The fourth best sublimation ink provider and manufacturer that we have are Epson which produces the Epson Ecotank Sublimation inks. The fundamental colors of Black, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan are included in this dye sublimation ink. The nicest part about this ink is that it is simple to refill.

5) Kiian Digistar Hi-Pro

You may have heard of this amazing sublimation ink brand. This dye sublimation ink method works with a variety of traditional and modern printers to provide crisp and pleasing results. 

Kiian Hi-pro sublimation ink is available in both direct and pigmented forms for digital textile printing.

6) Inktec Dye Sublimation Ink

The high-quality performance and ease of filling of Inktec’s 4-color dye-sublimation ink are well-known. It’s utilized for direct-to-garment printing as well as applying to ceramics and polyester fabrics, and it provides good color matching and long-lasting brilliant colors.

7) PJ Anti-UV Sublimation Ink

Water-resistant, vibrant, and long-lasting on all surfaces, this sublimation ink is suitable for professional-grade heat transfer. It also has anti-UV protection and retains high efficiency.


The four-ink supply system can be employed as pigment ink, sublimation ink, or dye ink in a variety of printers. The ink lasts a long time and produces reliable, quick results.

9) CISS Ink System

The last sublimation ink brand that we have is CISS Ink System. This empty CISS system was designed specifically for the Epson C88 and C88. It’s only compatible with these two Epson printers. 

They’re externally mounted and come in four distinct colors, as well as two tube holders and four syringes.

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Final Words

So there you have it, some of the best sublimation ink brands companies on the market today. You can go for any of them according to your requirements. Don’t just choose any sublimation ink provider without having the right information. 

Because once it’s put on your object, you won’t be able to clean it completely. But, don’t worry, as I’ve already mentioned some of the best sublimation ink providers with their qualities and the type of ink they make.