Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation Ink

Printers Jack and Hippo are both well-known sublimation ink brands. Each of them tries to satisfy their customers with more features and make the ink more user-friendly. But between Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation Ink, which one is the best? 

In today’s article, we will be unleashing this and finalising which is the best based on the data and experience. The comparison will be between the quality of the sublimation ink, compatibility, price, performance, and other important aspects that should be discussed while comparing these two big brands of sublimation ink.

Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation Ink

We will discuss these 7 points and compare Printers Jack and Hippo sublimation ink to find the best fit for you and which ink brand can give you better results.

  1. Quality 
  2. Price
  3. Compatibility
  4. Performance
  5. Long-Lastingness
  6. Colors Vibrancy
  7. Availability

Quality Of The Best Sublimation Ink

The first thing that any person notices while buying sublimation ink is the quality of the ink. Because if the ink is low-quality, it can damage your printer as well as ruin your sublimation design as well.

While comparing the Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation ink, both brands offer excellent ink quality. You won’t face any issues, at least with the quality of either brand. Their sublimation inks are designed for the sublimation printers and according to the sublimation printers. That means their sublimation inks are slightly thicker because it performs better during the sublimation printing and process.

Similarly, there are many other cool features that printers jack and hippo sublimation inks have. So quality wise you can choose any because both are excellent at the quality.


Price is one of the most important factors to look at before buying any sublimation ink. And we here comparing the printers jack sublimation ink and hippo, so comparing the price is a must. 

Between the printers jack and hippo, the printers jack sublimation inks are comparatively cheaper and low in price. 

Still, the pricing difference between them is not very huge, so this can also be neglected or ignored. But if you really want to go super specific and save money on the sublimation ink while maintaining the quality of the ink, then printers jack sublimation ink is the best fit for you.

Compatibility With Printers & Substrates

The compatibility of the sublimation ink is a major point to notice because you don’t want to buy ink that can not work with your sublimation printer. The best part of the printers jack and hippo sublimation ink is that they are compatible with all sublimation printers.

The noticeable point is how they can be compatible with all the sublimation printers. The reason is that they manufacture sublimation ink specifically for sublimation having all the key points that are required for the sublimation and by the printer itself.

So based on compatibility, you don’t have to worry about either brand. Their inks will work with your sublimation printer. Apart from the printer’s compatibility, the substrate compatibility of these sublimation inks is also universal. For the substrates that can be sublimated, you can use these brands sublimation inks for that. They work completely fine!


Performance-wise, both printers jack & hippo sublimation inks are excellent and top-class. You can use either brand of ink for sublimating any substrate, and you will always get the best quality result. Because, after all, it’s the result that matters.

Also, another angle is that these inks are sublimation printers friendly, so this combination also makes a small positive impact on the result. Apart from that, if you have an Epson sublimation printer, you should prefer printers jack sublimation ink over a hippo. This is my experienced based recommendation. When used together, I have seen slightly better results of Epson and Printers Jack sublimation ink.

Long-Lastingness Of The Ink

The main purpose of sublimation printing is to make the printed substrate that lasts super long. For that, your sublimation accessories, especially ink, should be of great quality. Between hippo and printers jack sublimation ink, on substrates like tumblers, cups, etc hippo sublimation ink lasts longer.

Whereas on the substrates like shirts, clothes, pillow covers, stickers, etc printers jack sublimation ink last longer. So it all depends on what you want to sublimate, and based on that, you can choose whether you want the hippo sublimation ink or printer jack sublimation ink.

Colors Vibrancy – Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation Ink

Vibrancy and color brightness should be excellent because if it lacks even a bit, it can ruin the whole substrate and sublimated design. In most cases, the sublimation ink is vibrant and bright, making the substrate look better and cooler.

But while comparing the Printers Jack and Hippo Sublimation Ink, we should choose one with a better vibrancy at the end of the sublimation process because it matters. Based on my experience Printers Jack sublimation ink is a little more vibrant and brighter than the Hippo sublimation ink. So based on that, if I ever have to choose any of either brand’s ink for the sublimation, then I will go with the Printers Jack Sublimation Ink.

Availability & Ease Of Buying

This is quite an interesting part. The availability and ease of buying sublimation ink is also a point that should be discussed because there are famous brands of sublimation ink that are hard to buy anywhere online. But don’t worry, that’s not the case with Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation ink.

Both brands are available on Amazon and other marketplaces. You can buy any variant, size, and pack of the inks you want. So availability of these brands’ sublimation inks is not an issue. 

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Quick Summary – Printers Jack VS Hippo Sublimation Ink

Summarizing whether the printers jack sublimation ink is better or the hippo? So first, it all depends on what you want to sublimate, your preferences and budget, etc. But my personal recommendation and what I use is the Printers Jack sublimation Ink for sublimation purposes. Although I also use Hippo sublimation ink sometimes, but in the majority and most of the cases, it’s Printers Jack Sublimation ink. You can check one out on amazon by the button available underneath!