Is Sublimation Ink Waterproof – Detailed Guide By InkGuiding

Is sublimation ink waterproof? If you are in sublimation printing, You must have searched for the answer to this question but most likely there wouldn’t be any straight-to-the-point answers available. So let me help you with this.

“ Sublimation ink is waterproof once it has been used and printed on the substrate such as shirts. The liquid form of the ink(before use) is not waterproof and if you try to add water in it or the ink in the water, they both cant be mixed together and your sublimation ink can be wasted.”

Now let’s have a look at some key points using which you can make your ink last longer, more bright, and vibrant as well. 

  1. The first and the most important factor is to use the highest quality ink possible. Click here to learn more about the best sublimation ink in 2023. You will definitely find the best choice of ink for yourself that will last much longer.
  2. Make sure that you have followed the right process of sublimation printing. Because missing even a single step during the process can result in non-vibrant and faded ink shade.
  3. Double-check the settings of the printer and try to use the best quality paper as well. If every accessory is of high quality, your ink will last longer for sure.
  4. Let the ink relax at least 12 hours after printing on the substrate. In the meanwhile don’t wash it or even rub the cloth on it.
  5. Following and taking care of these points will help you to get better results and will help your ink last longer as well. Apart from that, this will also make your ink stronger and more waterproof than before.

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Some Qualities Of The Good and High-Quality Sublimation Ink

  1. The ink has been tested multiple times in different conditions and temperatures to find out if it works the correct way or not.
  2. It never clogs the nozzles.
  3. Must be in well-sealed packaging with no leakage or space for air.
  4. Good shelf life and usually 6-12 months shelf life is considered good.
  5. Can be used with different printers.
  6. Prints high quality, bright color, vibrant, long-lasting, and waterproof prints.

PRO TIP: Try to use the same brand’s sublimation printer and sublimation ink. The combination of both gives amazing end results.

FAQs – Is Sublimation Ink Waterproof

Q: Does sublimation ink wash out?
If the ink quality and the accessories used during the process of sublimation printing are poor then the chances of washing out the ink are higher. But if the quality of the ink(especially) and other accessories are good, then the ink will not wash out and it will last much longer.

Q: Is sublimation ink water-soluble?
It depends on the brand and type of ink. Some sublimation inks are water-soluble and some are not. The majority of the sublimation inks are not water-soluble.

Q: Does sublimation ink fade in the sun?
Sublimation ink does not fade in the sun. But if the ink quality is poor then there are chances that it will fade sooner or later.

Q: How to make sublimation ink waterproof?
Sublimation ink is already waterproof. If you sublimate any garment such as a shirt or t-shirt then you can wash them in a machine as well. Because during the sublimation process the ink gets infused within the garment and now the ink is a permanent part of the garment.


Sublimation printing is very exciting and many people choose it as a hobby and profession as well. And during their journey, there are some questions that pop up in their mind and this ”is sublimation ink waterproof” is one of them. And the answer is in their favor as well. Because the sublimation ink is waterproof.