Is Sublimation Ink Food Safe

Is Sublimation Ink Food Safe?

Somehow every sublimator(the person who’s ding sublimation printing) asks that “is sublimation ink food safe?” well, yes it is food safe and eco-friendly as well. That’s why everyone is wearing sublimated shirts, sleeping on sublimated pillows, and eating from sublimated plates.

Sublimation is getting popular day by day that’s why new enterer asks such question which is a good thing to clear all doubts directly. But still, is there any precaution or checklist available through which we can go through in order to filter if this sublimation ink is good or bad? Or more specifically food safe or not?

Yes, in today’s article I will be giving you a few points to check which will confirm that this sublimation ink is completely safe to use, food-safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, etc., although all sublimation inks are food safe but still the having a checklist is always better.

Check List On Is Sublimation Ink Food Safe

So, all these points are based on my personal experience and research of hours as well. I will summarize everything for you so that you will get the main key points in no time.

  1. ISO-9001 and MSDS Certified
  2. Good Customer Feedback
  3. Well Known Brand – Brand Awareness
  4. Compatible With Your Printer and Suitable For Your Substrates As Well

ISO-9001 and MSDS Certified

The first and most important key point to check is that if the sublimation ink is ISO-9001 and MSDS Certified or not. Nowadays the majority of the ink is getting this certification. So make sure to check if the ink that you are going to buy has one of these or not. 

Buy only ISO-9001 and MSDS Certified sublimation ink. I would recommend Hiipoo sublimation ink. All of their inks are certified and I am using those for years now. I have never faced any issue or error with them.

Good Customer Feedback

From where ever you are buying the sublimation ink whether it’s Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or any other place. You should check the customer feedback and ratings of that particular ink and the brand as well.

The ink should at least have 4+ star ratings and multiple good feedbacks. This confirms that the ink is made up of high-quality products and will give the best results. Also, the feedback of the customers will be in the positive and negative categories, negative ones will help you to get an idea of the negative side of the ink as well.

Well Known Brand – Brand Awareness

Third key point is that ink should be from well-known brands such as Hiipoo, Epson, Printer’s Jack, and INKXPRO. The reason behind this is that these brands are quite old and popular among the users and they can’t afford to produce such inks that are useless or harm the user in any sense.

Also, there is a trust factor involved with these brands as well. They are the sublimation ink market leaders and every person who is in this field has trust in these brands for sure.

Check our article on the best sublimation ink brands in 2022 to have more clarity and a better idea.

Compatible With Your Printer and Suitable For Your Substrates As Well

The last key point to confirm and check is that the ink is compatible with your printer. Some sublimation inks are made for some specific brand printers and more specifically for some specific models. The ink would be useless if it is not compatible with your model or brand of the printer.

The next thing to check that if the sublimation ink can be used with the type of substrate on which you wanna do sublimation using that ink. For instance, if you wanna do sublimation on a tumbler, metal, or glass. Then you need ink which is suitable and can be used with these types of substrates. This is an additional check, almost every sublimation ink can be used with almost every type and material of the substrate.

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FAQs – Is Sublimation Ink Food Safe

Q No.1: Can you microwave sublimated mugs?
Yes, you can microwave sublimated mugs. They are microwave safe completely.

Q No.2: Can you wash sublimated mugs and plates?
Yes, you can wash sublimated mugs and plates. They are dishwasher safe.

Q No.3: Can I eat from sublimated plates and dishes?
Yes, you can eat from sublimated plates and dishes. There is no harm in that and they can be used for eating as well.

Final Words

Sublimation ink is completely food safe and you can eat from a sublimated plate or drink from a sublimated tumbler as well. For additional trust in the ink, just use the above-mentioned key points as a checklist and your trust in the brand and sublimation ink will be 100x for sure.