How To Sublimation Ink Pens

Ever wonder how to sublimation ink pens? Well, I was also looking for some guidance on this a few years back when I was just entering into the sublimation printing field. Some people asked this question, so I thought, why not share with everyone?

So, in today’s article, you will get to know how to sublimation ink pens in the most efficient way and all some experience-based tips to enhance the result of the printing on the pens. Also, some most asked questions about the printing on the pens using sublimation ink. So read till the end to learn all these.

How To Sublimation Ink Pens

How To Sublimation Ink Pens? Accessories Needed

These are the accessories needed for the sublimation on the pens and you can find these on many websites such as amazon, dyetrans, etc.

  1. Sublimation Ink and Printer
  2. Blank Pen
  3. Small Shrink Wrap
  4. Heat Gun
  5. Heat Resisting Tape
  6. Sublimation Paper
  7. Oven or Heat Press Machine(having a round surface for pens)

Step By Step Guide On How To Sublimate Pens?

Follow these steps, and you will end up having fantastic vibrant, bright, and long-lasting sublimated pens.

Step No.1: Step one is to get your sublimation ink into the printer and print your desired image or design. Make sure to adjust the size of the image according to the pen size.

Step No.2: Then cut off the extra paper from the printed design and unscrew the pen. Put the printed paper on the blank pen and tape around.

Step No.3: Once the taping is done, put that in shrink wrap. With the help of a heat gun, shrink the wrap and once it’s attached and shrunk completely with the pen, place it in the oven.

Step No.4: In the oven, cook the pen at 350-375 temperature for 3-5 minutes. Once it’s done, remove the shrink wrap, tape, and paper from the pen, and you have your sublimated pen ready to use.

Some Experienced Based Tips For Sublimation Ink Pens

  1. Never tape too much while taping the paper with the pen blank. Otherwise, after the sublimation, it would be hard to remove that tape from the pen.
  2. If you are unable to find a blank pen or shrink-wrap for a pen, then you can find them here, mysublimationsuperstore. Check them out; they have some fantastic products and blanks, especially for the sublimation.
  3. Make sure to unscrew the pen before sublimating it.
  4. Always print the design according to the size of the pen. Too large or too small, both can not work on the pen sublimation. The size of the design should be perfectly according to the size of the pen blank.


Q No.1: How long do you bake sublimation pens?
The average baking time for sublimation pens is 3-5 minutes at 350-375 temperature. Whereas it also depends on the blank pen quality. So better is to bake it for 3 minutes and turn it a bit in the oven and bake for another 1-2 minutes. It will be sublimated perfectly.

Q No.2: Can you sublimate the pen in a regular oven?
Yes, you can sublimate the pen in a regular oven. But better to use the separate oven for sublimation purposes.

Q No.3: Can you sublimate printing on a pen?
Yes, you can do sublimation printing on the pen, and the process is also almost the same. The additional step is to add shrink wrap and using an oven or heat press machine with having round surface instead of a regular straight heta press machine.

Q No.4: Pens for sublimation where to buy?
The best place to buy pens for sublimation is amazon and mysublimationsuperstore. They both have a wide variety of products that are used in pen sublimation. Also, a large number of sublimation blank pens and shrink wraps for sublimation pens. You can find all these accessories on these two websites.

Q No.5: Can I sublimate a pen using this guide?
Yes, if you follow the guide and steps provided in this article, then you will surely ab able to sublimate a pen at home. This is the experience-based information by me(inkguiding).