How To Put Sublimation Ink In Printer?

How To Put Sublimation Ink In Printer? Step By Step Guide

New to sublimation printing and confused about how to put sublimation ink in printer? Well, I was once worried the same and there was no proper step-by-step guide that I can follow. And still, I couldn’t find any authentic or even a structured guide on how to put sublimation ink in printer.

So, let me end the search for every guy searching this question by answering and explaining it in a few simple steps. Simply follow each step and you will end up putting sublimation ink in the printer perfectly without any ink wastage.

How To Put Sublimation Ink In Printer – Step By Step Guide

You just need to follow these steps and you have everything you need.

  1. Find the ink tanks on the printer and open its outer cover. Some printers have flip-down covers and some have flip over.
  2. Once you have opened the over, you can access the ink tanks. Flip back each cover back from the tanks. And you will see a port for filling the inks.
  3. So, there are two types of sublimation inks in terms of bottle designs. The first one is that once which comes with the nozzle directly with the ink bottle. And the second one is the one that needs syringes to fill the tanks.
  4. If you are using the syringes sublimation ink then start with wearing the disposable gloves that come with the ink bottles. Assemble the syringe and put it into the ink bottle from the top area. Then fill the syringe with the ink. You will get a separate syringe for each color by every sublimation ink you gonna order.
  5. Insert the syringe in the same color ink tank such as insert the black color ink in the black ink tank. And give attention to the colors of the ink because pouring the ink in the wrong tank will end up having non but the mess.
  6. Push down the ink from the syringe into the tank and repeat the same process for every color and tank. You can also check how much ink is in the tank and that can be done from different places depending on the printer. In the Epson printer, there is a transparent kind of area available in front where you can clearly see how much is in the tank right now.
  7. Now if you have that special nozzle ink bottle, simply place the ink bottle directly on the top of the ink tank and it will fill the tank automatically as well as stop filling the tank once it’s filled completely. 

Now if you are new to sublimation printing you might be thinking if you can put sublimation ink in any printer and start doing sublimation printing? Well, the answer is no. You can not put the sublimation ink in any printer and start doing sublimation printing. 

The printer must have replaceable ink cartridges or new ones when sublimation ink is added to it. Secondly, it must have some decent features available so that you can get high-quality prints. And once you have added the sublimation ink in the printer, run a few test prints to get the sublimation ink throughout the printer, nozzles, and print head as well.

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Tips While Adding The Sublimation Ink To Your Printer

  1. Always wear disposable gloves while adding the sublimation ink in your printer or doing any stuff that involves interaction with ink. The majority and almost every sublimation ink that is used with the syringes come with the gloves as well.
  2. Use high-quality and well-known branded sublimation ink. That will give you much better, vivid, smooth, and long-lasting print results.
  3. Never fill the ink tank completely, always leave some space or in simple words never fill the ink tank more than 80%. The reason is sometimes ink moves while printing and if the tank is completely filled, the ink might create a mess and comes out from the tank. That’s why filling 80% of the ink tank is fine and a good number.
  4. Avoid adding the sublimation ink to the printer while the printer is running or printing something. Make sure that the printer is completely off and free when you are adding the sublimation ink in it.
  5. Once you have added the ink to the ink tanks, make sure to close the ink bottle’s cap tightly and perfectly. Also, make sure to close the ink tank opening and the outer cover as well.

Follow these additional tips and you won’t face any issues while putting sublimation ink in a printer ever. And these TIPS are based on my personal experience. You will surely get some benefits from these and also your work will be much easier by following these.


Putting the sublimation ink in the printer is a super easy and self-explanatory process. But still, if you have faced any issue or it looks confusing to you simply follow the above-explained process and especially the tips. Following them will help you to put your sublimation ink in your printer without creating any mess and in a perfect way.