How To Preserve Sublimation Ink Correctly

People doing sublimation must come over this question at least once in their sublimation printing journey: “How to preserve sublimation ink correctly”? 

There are some precautions or steps to take in order to preserve the sublimation ink correctly and for a longer period of time while its quality and all the use cases remain the same.

How to preserve sublimation ink correctly?

First, there are two different things. Storing the ink in its original packaging and bottles. And another is when you already poured the ink into the printer, and now you want to preserve the ink within the printer. In today’s article, I will be helping and telling you the best possible solution for both. So keep on reading!

How To Preserve Sublimation Ink Correctly In The Bottles?

There is a small checklist of 5-6 points and if you want to preserve your sublimation ink correctly in the bottles(original packaging) then follow these. You won’t regret it later for sure.

  1. First, never buy sublimation ink more than required. Sometimes when you see a discount on sublimation ink, you start buying in bulk which leads to the expiration of the ink. Buy the quantity that is needed only. Then check the expiration date of the ink. It must be more than a time frame you think that you will be using the ink within.
  2. If you still bought the ink in bulk then follow these steps to preserve sublimation ink correctly. Never make it exposed to sunlight or even a room light. Keep it in a dark and dry place.
  3. Make sure to keep your sublimation ink in air-tight bottles or containers. If the air passes by the ink, it will also affect the ink and it won’t be perfect anymore.
  4. Never mix the different brands and colors together. Every brand has different composition formulas so different brands’ inks might react when they get mixed together.
  5. Never free your sublimation ink because once you did, your ink is useless then. The reason is when the ink will be unfrozen, the water and the chemical(thicker) part of the ink will be separate and you will clearly see the difference between both. So freezing the ink is a bad idea.

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Follow these steps and your sublimation ink will be safe and preserved for a longer period of time in a bottle with all the benefits in it. Now, let’s talk about preserving the sublimation ink once it has been poured into the printer.

Follow these steps and you have what you need.

  1. First, never leave the ink in the printer for a long time with no usage. It can affect the printer’s machinery and internal system. Also, while turning off the printer make sure to clear the nozzles and every part of the printer(possible) you can.
  2. You need to take out all the ink in order to preserve the ink and save the life of the printer. What you can do is use the printer that has the cartridge system/option. It will help you to take out the cartridges whenever they are not in use and you can secure the cartridges for a longer period of time as well.
  3. Also once you pull out the cartridges, try to run 1-2 sample prints in order to take out all the ink available in the nozzle, pipes, and the printer. And then clear the nozzle etc.
  4. Always remember that leaving the ink in your printer for a very long time can affect the printer as well as the ink. For printers make sure to read the guideline by the brand of the printer and for the ink, you already know what to do.

After this, you won’t be asking “How to preserve sublimation ink correctly” because there are two possible ways to preserve the sublimation ink correctly and both are described in this(today’s) article with complete details required.