How To Make Sublimation Brighter?

Tired of finding the answer to how to make sublimation brighter? Well, the answer is simple and most probably already known by you. But it still needs to be reminded, let me help you in that and onwards you will be having the brighter sublimation on your substrates.

There are a few key points that need to be done in order to have the sublimation fully bright. Go through the complete checklist and check if you are following all points that are mentioned. Follow all of them and you will be having the perfect and bright sublimation.

How to make sublimation brighter
  1. The printer and ink should be of the same brand(not necessary but recommended)
  2. The substrate must be friendly with the sublimation ink
  3. The substrate quality should be good enough to react with sublimation
  4. Make sure to have the correct settings on the printer and also check if the substrate is compatible with those
  5. Never over press the substrate nor do a less than required. The heat pressing time should be perfect according to the substrate
  6. Make sure to have the correct amount of pressure on the heat press
  7. Use high-quality sublimation paper
  8. The photo you wanna print should be in high resolution and in good quality. Low resolution and bad quality photos can never result in an amazing sublimation end product
  9. Finally, after checking all the points, you will be having the perfect and bright sublimation prints. The most important and recommended factor in all of the above points is having a good quality sublimation ink. Click here to check some of the best sublimation inks you should use for the perfect bright sublimation.

If you are new to sublimation or even on a mediocre level, you need to know the correct way of sublimation to have the bright prints so you won’t be complaining “why is my sublimation not bright?”. Follow and trust the process, and you will end up having the astonishing sublimation print on your substrate(i.e. t-shirt).

Step No.1

Get your accessories and design(image) ready that you wanna print. Turn on your printer and heat press. Preheat the heat press machine.

Step No.2

Using a sublimation printer and sublimation ink in the printer, print your image on the sublimation paper. Once it’s printed on the paper, place the substrate i.e. shirt on the heat press machine and put the printed sublimation paper on top of that.

Step No.3

Place a simple piece of paper between the shirt so that there won’t be any chance left of ink transferring to the other side of the shirt. Place another piece of paper on top of the printed paper so that it won’t get in touch with the heat press directly.

Step No.4

Start heat pressing the shirt at the correct heat setting, pressure, and timing. Such as 50-60 seconds at 375F-400F with medium pressure.

NOTE: On the breakable substrates like plates make sure to use low pressure to prevent the substrate from breaking into pieces.

Step No.5

Once heat pressing is done, remove all the sheets and printed sublimation paper. And your sublimation is done with completely bright, vibrant, and fresh colors in a few simple steps.

Recommendation: Use heat-resistant gloves while removing sheets from the shirt or doing anything with the heat press machine only when it’s turned on.

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Sublimation printing is a fun and exciting process but sometimes you face some sort of issues that are quite annoying. “how to make sublimation brighter” is one of them and in today’s article we have explained the whole process in the form of a checklist to help you in the best way. You just need to follow the steps mentioned and explained above and you will be having the bright sublimation prints.

FAQs – How To Make Sublimation Brighter?

Q: Why is my sublimation not bright?
There can be multiple reasons for this issue specifically. But in most cases, it’s the fault of the printer, ink, or the substrate. Check the settings of the printer, quality of the ink, and substrate. Make sure to have the best quality ink and substrate and the correct setting on the printer to have the bright sublimation.

Q: Why are my sublimation colors dull?
If sublimation colors dull, most probably your ink is quite old and it’s the ink’s fault. Make sure to use the best quality ink and most importantly latest ink always gives better results. Also, if the ink is not the error then make sure that you are not over pressing the print on the substrate. Over pressing also causes makes the sublimation colors dull.

Q: Why is my sublimation yellow?
The most common reason for this issue is the sublimation paper. And in one line, use top-class sublimation paper, and most probably your issue will be fixed as soon as you switch the paper for printing the print for sublimation.

Q: Why does my sublimation look faded after washing?
Sublimation look faded when you didn’t transfer the print correctly or the accessories you were using were not up to the mark. Use the correct method of sublimation printing with the best accessories possible, especially ink and paper. Also, double-check the settings of the printer while printing and the pressure, temperature, and timing of the heat press machine during heat pressing.