How To Clean Sublimation Ink Cartridges

How To Clean Sublimation Ink Cartridges

Sublimation ink cartridges also need some maintenance over time. If you are into sublimation professionally, then you must have been using your printer frequently and on a daily basis. Sometimes in the ink cartridge, the ink gets stuck or dries within the cartridge that leading the printer to many other issues.

That’s why I always recommend cleaning the sublimation ink cartridges once a month at least. And cleaning it is not complicated; it’s super simple. You just need to follow some simple steps explained below, and your ink cartridges will be entirely clean.

How To Clean Sublimation Ink Cartridges – Step By Step Guide

  1. Start with removing the outer cover of the ink cartridge area located in front of the printer.
  2. Then take out all the ink cartridges and place them along with the sink.
  3. Use syringes and take out all the ink from each cartridge into a separate bottle so that they won’t be mixed, and make sure to use a different syringe for each color.
  4. Once all the ink is taken out from the cartridge, one by one, wash them with water and use a syringe for help. Fill the syringe and add the water to the cartridge and take it out again. This will clean the cartridge from the inside, and every bit of it will be cleaned.
  5. Then once all the cartridges are washed and cleaned, place them in the air for 12 hours. Also, wash off the syringes as well. Otherwise, the ink will be stuck on them and inside them.
  6. After 12 hours, if the cartridges are completely dried, connect them together and use them in the usual way. But if they are wet, make sure to give them a few more hours to get dry. You can place the cartridges upside down so that all the water will go out.

Do Sublimation Printers Get Clogged?

Yes, sublimation printers get clogged. This is a common issue in all the printers and their models. The best practice to avoid that is to clean Print Head and Nozzle Head on a regular basis. And another thing you can do is to use your printer daily and print some prints on the daily basis. The regular ink flow in the printer does not allow the printer to be clogged, and most probably, you won’t face any such issue.

How Do You Clean Dirty Ink Cartridges?

Cleaning dirty ink cartridges does not need much work. Follow the same process explained above, and your ink cartridges will be clean like new.

How Long Do Sublimation Cartridges Last?

Sublimation ink cartridges also have a shelf life. But based on my experience, you don’t have to be worried about that if you are cleaning your sublimation ink cartridges on a monthly basis. But if you are too lazy to do that, try replacing them after six months. And never leave the ink cartridges in the printer for too long to have the sublimation ink in it. If you are taking a break, then first get all the ink out from the ink cartridge and clean them properly. Then place it back again. This way, it won’t cause any color shifting, head clog, or issues like banding.

Does Shaking an Ink Cartridge Work?

Shaking the ink cartridge for some final print might work sometimes, but that’s not the right solution. I would never recommend this to anyone. You should add more ink to the ink cartridge to print more if the cartridge gets empty. Also, many people want to shake the ink cartridge when they face any clogging or such issues and think that this can fix that issue. No, clean the ink cartridges, and that’s the only solution for this. 

Why Is My Printer Not Printing Black When Ink is Full?

If your printer is not printing the black or any color, even if the ink is full, check whether the vent of the cartridges is clogged. Clear them using a pin, and you are good to go. If the vents are fine and still you are facing the issue, replace the ink cartridge and check if it works then. If not, then that’s the printer issue, not the ink or ink cartridge.

Conclusion – How To Clean Sublimation Ink Cartridges

Cleaning the sublimation ink cartridges is easy. Many people get confused about whether there is some unique technique or what. But the reality is that you just need to take them out, wash them, dry them properly, and put them again into the printer. That’s what it takes to clean the sublimation ink cartridge.

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