How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Paper – Longevity of Prints

Losing the shades, breaking colours, and fading prints are the worst nightmare for people working in the print industry. Therefore, you must know how long does sublimation ink last on paper or fabric before investing money and effort into your projects.

You know there are a few ways to enhance and increase the durability of the colours and prints using appropriate approaches. To find out what works for you, read till the end.

Crafting and printing is always a fun way to channel your inner creativity. Printing is one of the most common ways to give your ideas a new life using unique designs, intricate patterns and colourful graphics. Every day new and innovative techniques are being used for printing. One of them is using sublimation inks.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Paper

Sublimation Inks Are a Better Option

The use of sublimation inks and their durability is well known these days. As the name indicates, sublimation inks are dyes that sublime during the printing process. It means that

  • These dyes do not convert to liquid first
  • Directly become gas in heating printers
  • Leave colourful prints on the surfaces

Several reasons and characteristics of sublimation inks make them better than standard inks. These dyes have a broader and brighter colour range, excellent shelf life and extended durability.

Specifications Of Sublimation Inks

Sublimation inks are your way to create eye-catching and colourful prints on any surface you wish to print. They are more fun to work with, and their shiny bright appearances complement your imagination. Before we hop onto how long does sublimation ink last on paper or other materials, we must look at its striking features.

Some of the significant features of sublimation inks differentiate them from regular printing inks.


The best thing about using sublimation inks for your printing and dying process is that they can be used on various materials. They can stick on

  • All kinds of metallic surfaces
  • Tumblers
  • Glass surfaces
  • Cotton fabric

And surprisingly, mainly without any extra preparations!

Smooth Texture

Sublimation dyes are known for their rich and smooth textures. The end product comes off as a neat pattern or image, and even with intricate patterns, these dyes do not smudge and protect your design.


Although sublimation dyes are used in heat printers and very high temperature is used to convert these inks into gas, they are heat resistant and the colours do not mix. Also, sublimation inks are waterproof, so the colours do not fade away or come off even after several washes.

Colour scheme

The wide range of colour schemes in sublimation inks makes them the first choice for printing purposes. These dyes have various shades in all tones that can turn your imagination into a colourful reality.


Sublimation inks are high-quality dyes used on several daily life products. The shine and brightness of these dyes remain the same for years. The shelf life of sublimation dyes is remarkable, and they can be stored for a long time.

Can we print papers with sublimation inks?

We all know that sublimation inks are used on almost every surface, but you may be intrigued about whether sublimation dyes can be used on paper. Well, with proper care and instructions, you can easily print on many types of paper using inkjet printers. The papers can be

  • Simple A4 sheets
  • Sticker paper
  • Transfer paper

The printed designs can then be transferred to the desired product by pasting the paper directly on the surface.

How long does sublimation ink last on paper?

If you have multiple printing orders and want to know how long does sublimation ink last on paper, you must know that the ink on the transfer paper remains intact as long as the environment is protected and stored in an air-tight space. It is advised to use the paper quickly after printing sublimation dyes on it, but it can stay intact for weeks and even months.

The deal is that you must not let the sublimation ink dry. The dried sublimation ink papers do not stick properly to the material, clog the surface, and ruin your pattern.


The choice of a suitable sublimation dye predicts its life on the paper and the final product. It is advised to use the transfer paper quickly, but with a high-quality dye and excellent storage, they can be used for up to several weeks and months.

Moreover, you can assess the durability of the sublimation ink by simply searching the estimated print durability mentioned in the package. If you want to find out exactly how long does sublimation ink last on paper or any other printable, then read the other articles on our website. You will find the best inks for your printer within your budget with premium quality that lasts longer on the mediums.