Comparison Between Eco Solvent Ink and Sublimation Ink

 Eco-solvent ink and Sublimation ink are productive in their way. The best way to evaluate the compatibility of the ink for task is to analyze comparison between Eco Solvent ink and sublimation ink. Each has some specific properties. Although they function similarly, their results may differ on different materials.

Eco-solvent and sublimation ink are used for various types of printing. However, they have their strengths and drawbacks. For instance durability is dependent on the environment. If the atmosphere is too harsh and extreme, outcome will become dull with time. 

Comparison Between Eco Solvent Ink and Sublimation Ink

Detailed Comparison between Eco Solvent Ink and Sublimation Ink

Let’s discuss peculiarities of each type before we elaborate the comparison.

Eco-Solvent Ink

Eco-Solvent ink is suitable for sublimation but isn’t the most popular option. Although, they’re resistant to staining, fading, and colour bleeding. Hence, it is a reasonable choice for high-quality printing projects. It makes them perfect for applications like vehicle painting, posters, and banners.

In addition, printing companies used these inks across various sectors. Ink cartridges that contain eco-solvents can produce problems with the printer becoming blocked. That’s why it’s crucial to take care when cleaning them.

Sublimation Ink

Sublimation ink has low vaporization temperature. Therefore, works well with polyester material. In the process, bonds with this material and absorbs color in the presence of high temperatures.

However, Sublimation inks result in minimal color bleeding, which can cause problems with the overall look of the material.

Comparing Eco Solvent Ink and Sublimation Ink

Comparing Eco Solvent Ink and Sublimation Ink

The main goal is to describe the difference between these two inks. We need to learn the advantages and flaws of these inks before selecting which ink is suitable for your printing process.


Outdoor longevity is an important aspect. Although other inks might fade and grow dull over time when exposed to the environment. While doing the comparison between Eco-Solvent and sublimation ink durability, Eco-solvent inks are more durable. Therefore, specifically made for outdoor use.

However, sublimation inks are also quite long-lasting. Mostly materials are compatible with sublimation ink. However, Polyester paper works great with it. The sublimation ink particles are more able to bond with the polyester fabric. Because of this, it produces vibrant, bold colors.

Environment Friendly

If you care about the environment, you might rethink using sublimation ink. If you’re seeking an ink that will be more resilient, sublimation inks can be a better option. However, they could hurt the environment and contain synthetic materials as it contains synthetic materials.

Furthermore, Eco-solvents inks have fewer environmental risks as it only contains natural materials.


Eco-solvent ink rates are comparatively higher than sublimation ink rates. Eco-solvent inks consist of natural components. On the other hand, sublimation ink consists of synthetic material. That’s why there is a difference in the price range.


These inks are resistant to many factors, like

  • Colour fading
  •  Harsh weather conditions
  • Smearing
  • Blurring

These inks work perfectly in outdoor conditions. However, eco-solvent gives the best results in outdoor settings regardless of extreme sunlight and weather. Several companies employ eco-solvent inks in their vehicle and banner advertising campaigns.

On the other side, sublimation inks are more compatible with polyester fabric. This ink bonds well with the substrate. Their print does not fade with time because the ink bonds with the substrate and not the surface. 

Wrapping up!


After reading comparison between eco solvent ink and sublimation ink we have concluded some facts. As, each ink has benefits and drawbacks. However, before printing the results you need do your study. Sublimation ink gives best results with affordable. Eco-solvent ink is an option if you’re operating on a larger scale.

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