Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Waterslide Paper

If we answer the question precisely, can you use sublimation ink on waterslide paper? The answer is yes but in a condition. The applied conditions are related to the sublimation and ink type selection process.

Therefore, the process works with a particular type of waterslide decal paper. The polyester material is coated on the surface. Since polyester coating material helps the sublimation ink adhere to the waterslide paper, it eventually embosses on the fabric’s surface effectively. Polyester makes the color bright and attractive. Therefore, you must know this before starting printing. Otherwise, the results will not be prominent.

Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Waterslide Paper

Sublimation Tools      

Things you need to have for the sublimation printing process:

  • Waterslide decal paper.
  • Sublimation ink.
  • Sublimation printer.
  • Scissors.
  • Heat press/Heat gun
  • Rubbing alcohol

Process Of Using Sublimation Ink On Waterslide Paper

Sublimation printing starts with designing your print with the help of a sublimation printer. Then, this print goes through a heat press. This process requires high temperatures, so your desired design can adhere to the material smoothly.


Here is the step-by-step process of how we can achieve any design:

  1. Arrange the waterslide paper: First, you need a waterslide decal paper. Make sure it is clean and without any creases. 
  2. Print the image: After that, print your desired image on waterslide paper with the help of a sublimation printer. Moreover, coat the layer of polyester material on the top of the waterslide paper. Otherwise, sublimation ink will not work on waterslide paper.
  3. Cut the image: Then, cut your designs with the help of scissors. This step makes your print neat and clean.
  4. Placement of image: Then, place your design on your wanted surface. You need to do this step carefully because this can ruin your print.
  5. Heat press: After placing your image on the surface, use a heat press/heat gun to transfer the image. The sublimation printing process requires a specific amount of heat. As a result, High heating helps sublimation ink to merge with fabric strongly. Therefore, the brightness of sublimation ink depends on the layer of the polyester coat.
  6. Peeling off the paper: After heating, peel off the paper of your print carefully and rub it with rubbing alcohol. This step makes your design smooth and with no wrinkles.
  7. Let it dry: lastly, let your design dry for some time and enjoy your finished product.

Properties of Waterslide Paper and Sublimation Ink

The uses of waterslide paper are very vast. These properties of waterslide paper make this paper easy to use. 
Some properties are:

  • It’s Translucent
  • Attach on smooth surfaces.
  • It creates a strong bond with materials.
  • Seamless appearance.
  • Thicker compared with other papers.

Some properties of sublimation ink are:

  • High product transfer rate.
  • Damage and water resistance.
  • Bright and attractive colors.
  • No fading.
  • Transfer proof.

Printers Used For Sublimation

Printers used for this kind of sublimation are:

  • Sawgrass printer.
  • Epson F170, Epson F570 printers.
  • Texprint printer.
  • Ricoh SG 3110DN printer.

Wrapping Up!

Can you use sublimation ink on the water slide? Yes, sure, but following the directions and selecting an appropriate printer.

In short, we can use sublimation ink on waterslide paper if we follow specific guidelines. For best results, coat the outer surface of the paper with polyester. In addition, the temperature is also essential for heating the design. Otherwise, the ink will not transfer to the desired surface properly. And finally, pay attention to these simple instructions – doing so will lead to less-than-optimal results.