Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Leather?

You can use the sublimation ink on leather because it shows excellent results on leather. Leather sublimation is a famous source of income for those associated with the fashion industry. Like the other sublimation of fabrics and mugs, the sublimation of leather material is relatively easy. You can easily make high-quality leather keychains, pillows, wallets, and luggage. But the question that arises is how you can sublimate on leather.

Now, I will tell you about the sublimation process and tricks that help you with this procedure.

Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Leather? Explained By InkGuiding

Things Needed For the Use of Sublimation Ink On Leather

Some things are necessary for this process; you must use these things to sublimate your leather. These include:

Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Leather – All Steps

Can You

Here are some basic steps that are compulsory for the sublimation process. The detail of the steps describes below.


Buying Leather Materials
The first step is buying a leather material. Light-colored leather items are preferred. Due to the unavailability of light ink for the sublimation process, leather materials use light colors. Faux leather materials consist of plastic items, so avoid purchasing these items. These are melts when heat applies.

Step 2

Small Scraps Of Leather
Before the actual sublimation process, you should make small scraps of leather material. This way, you can check the test of all the techniques first, like the pressure of the heat press machine. Parchment paper is used for designing. The essential purpose of small scraps division is to adjust the condition for a significant sublimation process. Therefore, avoid throwing away these pieces of sublimated materials.

Step 3

A silhouette machine cuts the leather material and gives different shapes to the leather material. These shapes are vital in keychains, wallets, pillows, and luggage bags.

Step 4

Punch holes
The next step is to punch holes in the leather material, which requires perfect pressure and temperature and is used for molding the material.

Step 5

Now, make a leather material design; use a high-quality printer. Various software is available, but Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the best. They show promising results on the materials.

Step 6

Heat Press Machine
The last step requires a heat machine; the design and pinch holes are placed in this machine with parchment paper, turn on the device, and set the temperature for correct results.

Tips For Using Sublimation Ink On Leather


Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter and straight-edge ruler are used for cutting leather as making the shape using the pre-cut blank is compulsory, so that much of the leather cutting is ready.

Simple and Bold Design

Make simple and bold designs for a piece of art on leather.

Smooth Surface

For selecting a substrate for sublimation, smooth surface leather is preferable, but most people use pebbled surface leather, which is not good

Best Temperature

350°F and 60 seconds consider the best temperature and times.

FAQs – Sublimation Ink


Q No.1: Can you use sublimation ink on leather?
Yes, you can get excellent results by using sublimation ink on leather. The impressive results include earnings, luggage tags, pillows, wallets, patches, and more. For making attractive items, sublimation on leather is a great way.

Q No.2: How much temperature requires for the sublimation of leather?
350°F and 60 seconds consider the best temperature and times for the sublimation on leather, but it may change according to the type of leather.

Q No.3: Can you use sublimation ink on the leather of all kinds?
No, sublimation ink doesn’t work with all leather materials. It is finding materials that go well with sublimation.

Conclusion – Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Leather


Can you use sublimation ink on leather materials but only sublimate some of the materials? Light colors are best for this process. You can do this by following the above steps and tricks to sublimate the leather at home. The printing process is relatively easy compared to the other method. Everyone can do this.

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