Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Heat Transfer Paper?

It is completely safe to say that “Yes, you can use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper”. Now, if you want to know the technicalities and science behind this then go through each section of this article.

I have spent many hours on research and added my personal experience in this article on “can you use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper”. You will learn multiple untold ways to make your print more vivid, bright, and most important more long-lasting than ever. So keep on reading with me!

Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Heat Transfer Paper?

First, let me tell you what is sublimation ink and heat transfer paper. Also, what are their use cases and how are they connected to each other. This will help us to have a better and clear idea of each.

What Is Sublimation Ink

The special ink that has the property of converting itself from a solid to a gas without undergoing a liquid form when heated is called sublimation ink.


The ink that is being used during the sublimation printing process and has a special feature by which it turns directly from solid to liquid when heated, is called a sublimation ink.

What Is Heat Transfer Paper

The paper that is used to transfer images and designs on the substrates like shirts, garments, etc is called heat transfer paper. The image is first printed on paper and then with the help of heat, the image is transferred to the substrate.

Can Heat Transfer Paper Be Used For Sublimation Printing?

Yes, heat transfer paper can be used for sublimation printing and sublimation printing is what for which heat transfer paper is designed specifically. The process of sublimation printing involves transferring the image from paper to the substrate and for that, heat transfer paper is a must. You can either use heat transfer paper or sublimation paper during the process.

Is It Possible To Do Sublimation Printing Without Heat Transfer Paper?

Yes, it is possible to do sublimation printing without heat transfer paper. But in that case, as a replacement, you would need sublimation paper for transferring the image onto the substrate such as a shirt.

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Can I Perform Sublimation Printing With Heat Transfer Paper Without Sublimation Ink?

No, you can not perform sublimation printing with heat transfer paper without sublimation ink. Sublimation ink can not be replaced in the sublimation printing process while heat transfer paper can be replaced with sublimation paper. That’s why sublimation ink is the main and core accessory needed in sublimation printing. 

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How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last?

So, the sublimation ink lifespan depends on multiple factors such as the quality of the ink, substrate, printer settings, etc. but in general sublimation ink of the shirt lasts at least 100+ washes and in most cases, sublimation ink lasts on the substrate the same as long as the original substrate or fabric does.

Why Heat Transfer Paper Is Necessary For Sublimation Printing?

Well, heat transfer paper or sublimation paper is necessary for sublimation printing because they play the role of middlemen during the process. You can not transfer the image or design directly from the printer on the substrate like a shirt. That’s why firstly you transfer the image on the heat transfer paper or sublimation paper. Then from that printed heat transfer paper image is transferred on the shirt using heat via a heat press machine. And the whole process is called sublimation printing.

Tips To Make Sublimation Ink Look Better

  1. Always use high-quality sublimation ink. And recommended brand for sublimation ink is Hiipoo.
  2. Make sure that your sublimation ink and sublimation printer are compatible with each other.
  3. The substrate on which you are going to sublimate should be suitable with sublimation ink and must be of high quality.
  4. The heat transferring time should be perfect for the substrate. Heat transferring(over and less than required) will end up something messy. That’s why make sure that heat transferring time, temperature, and pressure for every substrate specifically.
  5. Use light color fabric for sublimation printing. Sublimation printing can not print white that’s why using light color fabric always give better and more colorful results.

Conclusion – Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Heat Transfer Paper?

So, yes you can use sublimation ink on heat transfer paper and after reading the whole article you must have got the clarity about why and how can we use the sublimation ink on heat transfer paper. And apart from that, we have covered multiple other questions as well and I hope that they all are sort of helping you in your sublimation printing journey.