Can You Use Sublimation Ink In An Inkjet Printer? Explained Completely

Can you use sublimation ink in an inkjet printer? A lot of you have been asking the same question over and over making it a must for me to make a little guide about it. So, the answer is, yes you can use the sublimation ink in an inkjet printer. 

There are, however, a few things to be aware of. Continue to read!

Can You Use Sublimation Ink In An Inkjet Printer? Explained Completely

Why Do People Want To Use Sublimation Ink In Their Normal Printer?

A growing number of people are converting their printers to sublimation printers. They wish to take advantage of sublimation ink. It’s understandable because the usage of sublimation ink appears to be gaining favor. 

But why is that? How is Sublimation ink better than other inks? From a solid to a gaseous state, sublimation ink is transferred to the medium. When compared to traditional dye-based inks, you’ll notice the difference.

Because of its unique coating, dye sublimation ink can trap the ink. This produces exact mixes, as opposed to the fine dots produced by inkjet printers. In addition, sublimation ink is incorporated into the medium. That means the ink dries quickly and does not fade over time as traditional inks do. 

How to Use Dye Sublimation Ink in an Inkjet Printer: A Step-by-Step Guide

As stated earlier, you’re allowed to use Dye Sublimation ink in a normal inkjet printer. But, there is a specific way mentioned below to make it happen. 

For Cartridges

Step 1
First of all, On your PC, install the Epson administrative program as well as the sublimation ink color management software.

Step 2
Connect the printer and your computer by inserting the USB cord into the relevant slots. With the power cord, connect the printer to an outlet.

Step 3
To replace the ink cartridges in the Epson printer, lift the lid and replace them with compatible dye sublimation ink cartridges. To lock the cartridges in place, make sure they click into the slots.

Step 4
Turn on the printer and open the Epson printer software to clean the printer head. Select the function to force ink through the print heads.

Step 5
You can print a test sheet using sublimation paper by placing it in the paper tray.

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Ink System That Never Runs Out

Step 1
Download and install the Epson software on your computer.

Step 2
Connect the USB cord to the printer’s suitable port and then to the computer’s relevant slot.

Step 3
Replace the printer’s ink cartridges with the ink cartridges for the continuous ink system, making sure each cartridge clicks into place.

Step 4
Turn on the printer by connecting it to an electrical socket.

Step 5
As soon as the printer cartridges shift, unplug the printer power cord (unlocked).

Step 6
Carefully push the bank of cartridges to the printer’s left side while holding the attached tubing above the printer’s interior.

Step 7
After attaching the plastic holder to the inside center panel, insert the tubing into the clip. To minimize entanglement as the print head travels side-to-side, make sure the tubing does not droop inside the printer’s interior.

Step 8
Push the bank of cartridges to the printer’s right side. Adjust the tubing to give slack as the printer head advances to either side of the machine.

Step 9
Put the remaining end of the tubing against the printer’s left side and secure it with the clip.

Step 10
Disconnect the plugs from each ink container and change the air filters in the continuous ink system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 11
Open the Epson printer utility and plug the printer’s power wire into an outlet. The printer should now be turned on.

Step 12
If desired, repeat the printer head cleaning operation to clean the printer heads and flow ink through the printer.

Step 13
Place sublimation paper in the paper tray and print a test page if necessary.


So yes, you can use sublimation ink in an Inkjet printer by following the above-mentioned ways. Make sure you don’t be in a hurry while applying the method so that you don’t end up making any loss.