Can You Use Sublimation Ink For Stickers

Using sublimation ink for stickers is not a bad idea at all. You can even make waterproof, super long-lasting, and high-quality vivid stickers having bright colours in them. These stickers can be used on any surface like wood, metal, tumbler, plate, or you name it.

Similarly, in today’s article I will be answering “can you use sublimation ink for stickers” and the best way to make stickers using sublimation ink. So stick till the end but if you are here just for the one-line answer to the question then,

“Yes, you can use sublimation ink for stickers. Those stickers can be used on various materials and objects as well.”

Can You Use Sublimation Ink For Stickers

Let’s have a look at the accessories needed to perform sublimation printing on the stickers using sublimation ink.

Accessories Needed

  1. Sublimation Ink
  2. Sublimatable Stickers Sheet
  3. Sublimation Printer
  4. Cricut Machine
  5. Sublimation Paper
  6. Heat Press Machine
  7. Lint Roller, Heat Resisting Tape, and Protected Paper

Now, let’s have a look at how to use sublimation ink for stickers in a correct manner to achieve the best results ever.

Process Of Sublimating The Stickers

You need to follow these few simple steps in order to use sublimation ink on the stickers in the correct and best way possible. Following each step will help you achieve the waterproof and long-lasting stickers created using sublimation ink.

Step No.1: The very first step is to pour your sublimation ink into your printer and print the design(which you want to sublimate) on the sublimation paper. Remember to adjust the size and dimensions of the design according to the substrate on which you want to stick the sticker.

Step No.2: Then, once the design is printed, clean your sublimatable sticker sheet and place your printed sublimation paper on top of it. Tape them together and their corners. 

Step No.3: Place them in a heat press machine and heat press them at medium pressure for 120 seconds at 350 – 380 F depending on the quality of the sheet and heat press machine.

Step No.4: Once the pressing is done, remove the tape and put the sublimated sticker sheet into the Cricut machine. Run the Cricut machine and once it’s done, remove the excess part from the sticker sheet and your stickers are ready using the sublimation ink. These are waterproof and super long-lasting stickers and can be used on any material.

FAQs – Can You Use Sublimation Ink On Sticker Paper

Q No.1: Can I print stickers using sublimation ink?
Yes, you can print stickers using sublimation ink.

Q No.2: Can you use sublimation paper for stickers?
Yes, you can use sublimation paper for stickers. It will be used to transfer print and design from paper to a sublimatable sticker sheet.

Q No.3: Can you make vinyl stickers with a sublimation printer?
Yes, you can make vinyl stickers with a sublimation printer.

Q No.4: Is sublimating the sticker hard with sublimation ink?
No, sublimating the stickers is not hard at all with sublimation ink. You simply need to follow the standard process of sublimation but instead of the substrate like cotton materials or a shirt, you need to transfer the design on the sublimatable sticker sheet and place that sheet in the Cricut machine. Once cutting is done, your sublimated stickers are ready and created using sublimation ink.

Q No.5: Why is the Cricut machine necessary for sticker sublimation?
Cricut machine plays important role in the process of sublimating the stickers. It comes into play when stickers are printed and sublimated perfectly, then the sheet is placed into the Cricut machine and it starts cutting off the extra part from the stickers. The finishing of the Cricut machine can not be achieved manually that’s why it is a kind of a must for the sticker sublimation process.