Can You Print Photos With Sublimation Ink

Yes, you can print photos with sublimation ink and use them to transfer the image on the shirt as well. Or keep that photo as it as like the way you want. The ink won’t fade away from the photo as well as even if it’s transferred to the shirt.

You can print photos with sublimation ink mainly on two types of paper. Heat transfer paper and sublimation paper. If you want to keep that image as a memory then I would recommend transferring that image to some board or substrate to make it look even better and long-lasting.

Can You Print Photos With Sublimation Ink

How Large Can You Print With Sublimation Ink?

The size of the print depends on the printer. Sublimation ink is used to print any and every size of print for sublimation. The larger your printer is, the bigger print you can get. Commonly most printer prints the standard size of prints whereas there are some printers available that can print really wide and by wide I mean like the size of banners. Do some research and you will find many of those.

Can I Use Sublimation Ink To Print Photos On Any Paper?

Sublimating on paper and sublimating photos are two different things. First, let’s discuss what kind of paper you can print with sublimation ink. There are two options available that are famous and mostly used. 1st one is the sublimation paper. This is the best paper you can find to use with sublimation ink.

2nd is the heat transfer paper, using this adds the additional step of transferring it from one paper to another before transferring it to the actual substrate.

Now let’s see if we can print photos on any of these papers. So, yes. You can print photos on these papers and put them in a frame to even look better. But what I recommend is to transfer the printed image from the paper on any substrate like a piece of board, plate, or a tile is a good option though. Use any of these to make the image super memorable and adorable at the same time.

Should I Use Different Sublimation Inks Together To Print Photos?

Never! Using different brands of sublimation ink together is not recommended. Make sure to use the same brand sublimation ink and never mix two inks bought at different times. Because their expiration date might affect the other one. So always use the brand new sublimation ink and never stock that. Sublimation inks have around 6-12 months of shelf life after opening. So one has to use it between that period of time.

Second, using the sublimation ink is a good idea but still, the better option is to use the standard ink and inkjet printer if you just wanna print photos and do not want to transfer them on any substrate.

Can You Print On The Photo Paper With Sublimation Ink?

Yes, you can print on the photo paper with the sublimation ink but that’s not the best idea. The best idea is to print with standard ink and inkjet printer on the photo paper. Because when you are printing on a photo paper, you surely do not intend to transfer that image on a substrate later so why not use the best and most friendly accessories that can result in even better as well.

Can You Print Pictures With Sublimation Ink?

Yes, you can print pictures with sublimation ink and later use those pictures as well to transfer them on the shirt or any substrate you want. But if you only want to print pictures for some frames etc then you have to look around, there are some better options available. Sublimation ink is different from standard ink that’s why if you want to do standard printing then you should use standard ink rather than using the sublimation ink for that purpose.