Can You Mix Sublimation Inks

Can You Mix Sublimation Inks? Well, the thought is not bad but it’s not a good idea to do. Let me explain why. Sublimation is getting more popular day by day and people are entering this field more rapid than ever. Many of them don’t have a great budget to start sublimation with. That’s why they ask this question “can you mix sublimation inks?”

In this article, I will be explaining and answering this question so that you won’t have to look around anymore. But in short, the answer to this question is, 

“ No, you can not and you should not mix the sublimation inks at any cost. Until and unless the inks are from the same brand, same colour, and have the same expiry date. So, instead of so many conditions simply never mix the sublimation ink.”

Can You Mix Sublimation Inks

Now, let me explain the reason in a bit more detail for the best understanding. There are various reasons behind not mixing the sublimation ink.

  1. Each and every brand has some sort of uniqueness in its sublimation ink and if you mix two different brands’ inks together the chemical might react and both inks will be wasted.
  2. Not the ink of every brand has the same density in their inks. 
  3. Mixing two different colours together and pouring them into the sublimation printer is the worst idea because it will form a new colour and the printer is not designed for that. Most printers already have pre-defined colour labels on the ink cartridges.
  4. If you mix two inks together have the same brand, same colour, and same model. Still, if the expiry of one is exceeded, the other will be wasted.
  5. If you combine two inks together and use it in a printer, once that ink is finished you have to clean the cartridge or replace it because when you add the brand new original colour ink in that cartridge, you will notice the shades and light colour of the previous(mixed inks). That won’t look amazing on your print and can make your print colours imperfect which will definitely look dirty.

How to increase the number of prints with the same quantity of the sublimation ink?

Well, it depends on multiple factors. Such as the quality of the print, the colours intensity, resolution and many more. The best way to increase the number of prints with the same quantity of the sublimation ink is to optimize the settings in the printer and use the recommendations recommended by the printer’s brand to improve the results.

Following the instructions instructed by the printer and ink’s brand will ultimately help you to print more.

How to print white with sublimation printing?

The first thing you should know is that you cant print white with sublimation. That’s why it’s recommended and preferred to use the light colours garment so that it can fill the gap. If the image or design you wanna print has white in it then you should use the light colour garment or substrate. If the image. design is a combination of sharp and crisp colours that will look better on the dark colour garment or substrate then you should use dark colours garments and substrates.

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Where to buy the cheap and best quality sublimation inks?

There are many places where you can buy cheap and high-quality sublimation ink. But before that, make sure to check our list of the Best Sublimation Inks In 2023 to have the best and clear idea about them.

The top three places to buy the cheap and best/high-quality sublimation inks are,

  1. Amazon
  2. Best Buy
  3. Etsy


The biggest and most loved online shopping platform ever. There are millions of products available there and tons of products related to sublimation printing as well. Sublimation inks are also available there is a huge quantity and there you will get the power of choice as well. You can choose the best sublimation for yourself that falls under your budget as well as meet your requirements too. Make sure to check that out.

Best Buy

Best buy does not have a very large range of sublimation inks but the available ones are amazing and most probably enough for anyone’s need. They have some top and high-quality sublimation inks as well as sublimation printing products available on their site. Most of them are Epson’s and few are from other brands.


Etsy is the go-to platform for art and antique lovers. But it does not end there. There is a large variety of products available that fall under different categories and sublimation printing is one of them. Specifically, the sublimation inks. You can choose the inks of your choice and budget among so many options there. Also, there you will get some people selling locally and used items that will cost you a lot lower than the original item. You can save your budget there as well.