11 Best Sublimation Ink In 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Running out of sublimation ink and the wrong selection of incompatible sublimation ink can destroy the printers and bulk projects in a few seconds. Like a Cinderella’s glass shoe, ink compatibility with the printer determines the quality and outcomes. Therefore, one must take the expert’s advice and research before installing a 3rd party ink in the printer.

The latest sublimation inks are now compatible with several models of printers, which was not possible in the past. Even some DIY can save you from a chaotic selection of ink. Hence, being in the sublimation business for years, finally, I have shortlisted my favourite and most competent sublimation inks available in the market. The products in the list of the 11 best sublimation inks are tested with several procedures to help the novice find the most compatible ink according to the printer’s model and type.

11 Best Sublimation Ink In 2023 (Top Picks)



Key Features


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Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink

1. Colors: 4
2. Compatible: Piezo-Electric Printers
3. Tested: ISO 9001 Certified

INKXPRO Professional True Color

1. Brand: INKXPRO
2. Volume: 400ml (4x100ml)
3. Compatible for: C88+/WF

Sawgrass Sublijet UHD Inks

1. Compatibility: SAWGRASS 500 and 1000
2. Ink Type: Sublijet UHD
3. The Bundle includes: 110 sheets Sublimax/ Sublimation Paper/ 3 Heat Tape Rolls

Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled

1. Compatibility: Inkjet and other Epson Printers from a series of WF
2. Colors: Black.Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
3. Type: Refiller

Coylbod 6-Colors Compatible

Compatible:Epson Artisian and Inkjet printers
Colors: 6 colors
Type: Refillable Cartridges and Ink Systems

NUGU Best Dye Sublimation Ink

1. Brand: SubliNova (InkTec’s)
2. Feature: Anti-Aggregation
3. Ink Refiller: Cartridge and InkTank (Ink System)

TBTeek Best Sublimation Ink

1. Special Features: Refillable
2. Color: 4- colors
3. Compatibility: Epson (WF and ET)

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

1. Ink Bottle: 4x100ml
2. Compatible: Inkjet Printers
3. Certified: ISO 9001/MSDS

WOKOK Sublimation Ink

1. Quantity: 100ml (4 bottles)
2. Compatibility: Sublimation Paper/ Direct through SG
3. Page Yield: 3000 Pages

Brother Genuine LC30113PKS

1. Compatibility: OEM
2. Sheet Yield: 200
3. Colors Available: Cyan/Yellow/ Magenta

Ecodot Sublimation Ink Refill

1. Ink Quantity: 100ml/ 4 bottles
2. Compatibility: Inkjet printers /Dye Sublimation
3. Certified: ISO-9001 and ISO 14001

1. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink – Best Sublimation Ink For Epson Printer

Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink - Best Sublimation Ink For Epson Printer


  • Brand                       Jack
  • Colors                       4
  • Compatible              Piezo-Electric Printers
  • Tested                       ISO 9001 Certified

The sublimation ink is always a concern if you own Epson Printers. The ink compatibility is rare, and installing the wrong ink can ruin the printer’s head. Printers Jack sublimation ink is compatible with EcoTank models of Epson printers and WorkForce models.

The refilling bottles with nozzle heads can help refill the tanks. Moreover, the stability and fade-resistant technology enhance the durability of the prints. I printed shirts, fabrics, and mugs with the same ink using heat transfer from inkjet printers. Even after extreme exposure to the sunlight and water, the colors remain vibrant and do not fade.

Often ink clogging is a common issue in inkjet and sublimation printers using EcoTank ink technology. Thanks to 3 layered filtration technology, it is refined and smooth, preventing clogging and flawless printing. Oil-based sublimation ink is not compatible with heat transfers, but Printers Jack is water-based and can perform heat transfers without bleeding colors.


  • Suitable for dark-colored fabrics, including black
  • Compatible with piezo-electric printers
  • Crisp and clear image with smudge resistance
  • Available in 4 series


  • Not compatible with 100% pure cotton fabric

I added the printer’s jack 400ml sublimation ink to my list because of its extreme durability and hassle-free application. The sublimation ink is perfect for Gift customization and DIY sublimation projects for a medium-scale business. You can get mugs and cushion covers printed with the same quality and color clarity. Designing themed setups becomes much more convenient with one of the best sublimation ink on the market.

2. INKXPRO Professional True Color Best Quality Sublimation Ink Refills 4 X 100ml

INKXPRO Professional True Color Best Quality Sublimation Ink Refills 4 X 100ml


  • Brand                       INKXPRO
  • Volume                     400ml (4x100ml)
  • Compatible for        C88+/WF

The Inkxpro sublimation ink is the most competent brand in the sublimation business. It is a highly professional-grade ink kit, including refills of 4 colors. INKXPRO also provides the ICC profile for MAC and windows. According to my experience, it generates double the amount I printed with other brands. Moreover, the blacks were super black, and the colors were crisp.

INKXPRO is the most compatible sublimation ink for converting the inkjet printer to sublimation prints. Black, light CYAN, Magenta, and Yellow ink bottles of 400ml collectively yield high inks. I performed Heat transfers using the ink on plates, mugs, polyesters, and shirts. Even the phone case prints were possible using the WF printers.


  • Available ICC profile for great results free download
  • Compatible with versatile printers
  • Heat presses are possible with shirts, phone cases, mugs, etc
  • Amazon’s choice and one of the best sublimation ink for inkjet printers


  • Foil caps removal can stain your fingers
  • Secondary colors might have dull results

I prefer adding the INKXPRO- the best dye sublimation ink because of my personal experience with the ink and hassle-free printing for bulk projects. However, if you do not print frequently, the yield might be too much. The freely downloadable ICC profile and vivid appearance of the colors make it ink stand out in the market and ultimately make it Amazon’s choice.

3. Sawgrass Sublijet UHD Inks For SG500 And SG1000 – Best Sublimation Ink For Sawgrass Printers


  • Brand                       Sawgrass – Sublimax
  • Compatibility      SAWGRASS 500 and 1000
  • Ink Type                   Sublijet UHD
  • The Bundle includes 110 sheets Sublimax/ Sublimation Paper/ 3 Heat Tape Rolls

SG 500 and SG 1000 are my favourite sublimation printers. The Sublijet UHD ink makes them good enough for any kind of sublimation work. The extraordinary results, vibrant colours, and visions will make you addicted to printers and inks.

Sublijet UHD is compatible with SG500 and SG1000, and 4-colour ink can imprint polyester and vinyl substrate. I performed sublimation on cotton-blended fabric and lighter and darker shades of mediums with vibrant results. It helps me print hard and soft materials indistinctively.

High viscosity sublimation ink gel is compatible with SG 500/SG1000 printer’s head. The capacity of the cartridge was astonishing, and it helped me obtain high-quality yet low-cost prints.

In addition, the sublimation compatible sheets available in the set will help you perform jobs that need transfer mediums, including vinyl heat transfers and heat press sublimations. Heat tape to withstand 425 Fahrenheit temperature and prevent ghosting of the image on the substrate will help you get clear and premium quality prints.


  • Comprehensive package including subli-sheets and heat tapes
  • SG 500 and SG 1000 compatibility for premium quality prints
  • Ink capacity enough for bulk printing
  • CYMK colour ink cartridges are available


  • Not recommended for other brands and models of printers

The long-lasting prints on several mediums without fade and decolourization make me add the inks to the list. The Sawgrass has manufactured professional sublimation ink to deliver the most component prints.

4. Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled – Best Sublimation Ink For Epson Ecotank

Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink Refilled - Best Sublimation Ink For Epson Ecotank


  • Brand                      XCinkjet
  • Compatibility         Inkjet and other Epson Printers from a series of WF
  • Colors                     Black.Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Volume                   4 bottles of 100 ml each
  • Type                        Refiller

I was reluctant to purchase the Epson series of Printers for the sublimation task because of the unavailability of Epson inks. At first, the Epson inks are expensive and unavailable on the online market. The Xcinkjet sublimation inks are compatible with all kinds of Deskjet printers.

Black, Cyan, Magenta, and yellow bottles of 100ml each constitute a significant yield. Moreover, the ink is non-toxic and consumes the least energy making it the best quality sublimation ink. The nozzled cap allows easy refilling without creating a mess.

I like its compatibility with versatile substrates, including ceramics, plastics, polyesters, and papers. I tried printing pillow covers, mugs, bags, and calendars with optimum results. The ink is not only compatible with sublimation printers but also withstands the heat transfers with grace. It is easy to use with Epson Workforce without any chaos.


  • Durable and water-resistant prints
  • Affordable ink with high yield
  • Technical support from manufacturers


  • Not for Sawgrass 500 and SG 1000
  • Some shades are not vibrant

The outcome of the ink speaks for itself. I found the results versatile and long-lasting for different mediums. The volumetric prints and availability make it my favorite sublimation ink.

5. Coylbod 6-Colors Compatible – Best Buy Sublimation Ink

Coylbod 6-Colors Compatible - Best Buy Sublimation Ink


  • Brand                      CoYlBod
  • Featured                 Refillable
  • Compatible             Epson Artisian and Inkjet printers
  • Colors                      6 colors
  • Type                        Refillable Cartridges and Ink Systems

Coylbod is a recommended ink for Artisan printers. The sublimation compatible ink is good enough for small-level gift-customization agencies and homes DIY projects. I used the ink refills for my home printer, and the results were outstanding.

Ink calibration is no more a hassle; you can get a free download of the ICC profile for both MAC and windows. The colors’ high saturation and permeability make the prints brighter with vivid color schemes. Moreover, the ink dries instantly and has enough water resistance to withstand the wash. The colors on the prints are durable and do not fade with time.

One of the best sublimation ink kit available in the market also has ink filling needles and enable a novice to refill the cartridge without any mess. With the help of a syringe, you can directly inject the liquid into the cartridge and install the cartridge back in the printer.

Usually, blacks are a major component in each print and thus quickly run out. Hence, you can save the bottle and refill the ink in the cartridge on the requirement. However, the application and the working are chaos free, yet the manufacturer provides highly active customer care service. Sincere after-sale service makes the installation and printing process hassle-free.

Usually, sublimation ink kits contain 4-color ink bottles, but Coylbod has 6 colors of ink refill bottles. You can play with the enormous color combination and attain the perfect prints.


  • Wide application over multiple mediums, including polyester and ceramics
  • Coylbod can print 30% cotton mixed fabric
  • Certified ISO and MSDS quality
  • Syringe refilling for injecting cartridges


  • Not compatible with stylus pro printers
  • Not for OEM cartridges

Customizing crockery is an art and business that can flourish in a short time. The sublimation on the glass cutting boards and coasters will impress your clients, and you can win the market in a short period. You can also make it design the kitchen according to a theme. 6-color availability makes it the best sublimation ink for an inkjet printer.

6. NUGU Best Dye Sublimation Ink

NUGU Best Dye Sublimation Ink


  • Brand                SubliNova (InkTec’s)
  • Feature             Anti-Aggregation
  • Color             6 Colors ( Cyan/light Cyan/Magenta/Light Magenta/ Black/ Yellow)
  • Ink Refiller       Cartridge and InkTank (Ink System)

The brand SubliNova is a recognized manufacturer of sublimation ink. It is compatible with direct as well as heat transfer prints. Although the results on mugs, plates, and polyesters are of premium quality yet, the speciality of the ink is fabric printing. The stability of the ink particles makes it stand the wash and water exposures.

The compatibility with various printers also makes it worth buying for the sublimation business. The SubliNova is the best ink for sublimation from direct and heat transfer inkjet printers. It can work at an optimum level with Epson DX4 and DX5 printheads.

While using the transfer papers for printing over the fabric and hard mediums, you need to focus on drying time. Old prints on transfer paper may not transfer the exact prints. However, the insufficiently dried inks will bleed the color. The quick-drying up will get them ready to use transfer papers.

The 6x100ml volume enhanced the productivity and yielded the best quality with quantity. Often people are allergic to VOC, and phenols may cause disturbing smells. Free from VOC formaldehyde and Alkylphenol makes the ink eco-friendly.

Besides being compatible with inkjet printers, it can also print distinctive materials, including shot glasses, flasks, mugs, phone cases, and t-shirts. Anti-aggregation technology delivers minimizes friction through print heads. The chromatic performance is perfect for high-speed printers and can yield maximum outcomes.


  • Durable prints with high-end particle stability
  • High-density printers are suitable for high-speed printers
  • Compatible with both transfer and direct prints
  • Versatile substrates including polyester, nylon, lycra, and plastic


  • The odor is noticeable and irritates few

The ink is perfect for converting the inkjet into a sublimation printer. Ease of refilling and anti-clogging technology made the sublimation process flawless. Moreover, the vibrant and intense colors do not fade with time. The compatibility with direct and transfer printers makes me add the brand to the top sublimation ink list.

7. TBTeek Best Sublimation Ink for Epson EcoTanks and WorkForce

TBTeek Best Sublimation Ink for Epson EcoTanks and WorkForce


  • Brand                                TBTEEK
  • Special Features                Refillable
  • Color                                  4- colors
  • Compatibility                    Epson (WF and ET)

TBTeek is not very famous on the online market, but it has high popularity among the sublimation business people. Low-cost production and high-quality prints with ease of availability make the brand famous among professional and personal users. It is compatible with the eco tank as well as the workforce.

The ICC profile is available online, and anyone can request a download for MAC and Windows. However, the low viscosity prevents clogging even in low-profile printers. The low viscosity quickly dry-up and the prints are readily available to use. Refillable cartridges need a bit of care before refilling.

The quality of the prints is enhanced as even after many tests; the color debugging was not found. When we compare anti UV sublimation ink vs. sublimation ink, we found the TBTeek Anti-UV fade-resistant and stable enough to withstand heat transfers.

Sublimation ink is suitable for heat transfers and sublimation printing. ISO certification ensures compatibility with 30% cotton and 60% polyester mixed fabric.


  • Anti-UV technology makes it withstand high temperatures
  • ICC profile compatible
  • Fade-resistant and fast drying
  • Enough Volume to get quality and quantitative prints
  • Smooth textured and vibrant prints


  • CISS and Cartridge are not included

The TBTeek is a brand of my choice for fade-resistant prints. The stability, durability, and compatibility can enhance the outcome. Smooth texture makes the print look more natural and embossed in the fabric or medium: design coasters and glass boards using the TBTeek Sublimation ink for premium quality prints.

8. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Best For Epson ET and WF

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Best For Epson ET and WF


  • Brand                           HIIPOO
  • Ink Bottle                     4x100ml
  • Compatible                  Inkjet Printers
  • Certified                       ISO 9001/MSDS

The HIIPOO sublimation ink on my list is a winner in the market. Enormous compatibility with various printers and mediums makes it most favorite and reliable. It can easily cast prints on the cardboards, shoes, caps, ceramics, mugs, cups, socks, canvas, etc. The theme customization and creating unique gifts for your friend or starting up the sublimation business.

The dye-based sublimation ink is suitable for heat transfers and the sublimation process. It generates vivid colors and bright prints that are fade-resistant and can withstand water exposures. The performance is reliable, and the small diameter of the ink particles makes the sublimation process flawless. Moreover, ink particles are smaller than ink outlets and keep the clogging at bay. You will never experience printer heads clogging or malfunctioning.

Quick-drying on transfer sheets and nozzled bottles is easy to maintain, and you can keep it in store for future use. Refilling is mess-free, and you will love the results in the end. The ink was suitable for Epson, expression, and workforce printers. You can also utilize it for inkjet printers, but the DIY printer would not take up other inks afterwards.


  • Tested and Certified Print quality
  • Compatible with 30% cotton mixed fabric
  • High yielding ink bottles suitable for refilling
  • Smooth textures and brilliant colors


  • Not recommended for printers already set with other ink
  • Black ink is insufficient to fill black ink tanks

HIPPO is the most reliable brand of sublimation ink. Hippo sublimation ink performs at its best with HIPPO sublimation paper. The brand and model are perfect for starting a sublimation business and workshop to customize gifts and theme-based props.

9. WOKOK Sublimation Ink Refill Kit for Inkjet and Sublimation Printers

WOKOK Sublimation Ink Refill Kit for Inkjet and Sublimation Printers


  • Brand                            WOKOK
  • Available Colors    4 (CYMB)
  • Quantity                       100ml (4 bottles)
  • Compatibility                Sublimation Paper/ Direct through SG
  • Page Yield                     3000 Pages

The WOKOK is a real sublimation ink available in 4 colors. CYMB and the combination create a real splash of colors on your printing canvas. I loved the ink because its economical nature is a critical factor in getting significant ROI. 3000-page yield and the affordable price of the ink make a huge difference in production.

The product is Amazon’s recommended due to its high sale and customer satisfaction. Stable ink and the transfer are vibrant and remain intact for years without fading and discolourization effects.

Most of the inks in my shortlisted models are Epson compatible, yet the WOKOK ink is the best sublimation ink for Sawgrass. Generating sublimation tasks through inkjet printers is a bit chaotic and time-consuming. Therefore, I opted for Sawgrass models but finding the compatible ink with premium quality was hard. When Sawgrass sg500 printing was too light on my substrate, I installed WOKOK, and it came out to be eye candy for me.

The refilling and ICC profiling system is quick and easy to attain. There are 4 distinctive syringes for each color, and the refilling does not cause any havoc in the print head. Water-resistant, watertight, durable, stable, and UV-resistant inks on the sublimation projects can manifold the price of your printables.


  • Premium quality page yield
  • Extensively compatible with ceramics and polyesters
  • Compatible with both sublimation and heat transfer printers
  • Refilling syringes in the package


  • Ink refilling instructions are missing

The compatibility with variable printers gives me the ease of pilling up my inventory with several half-used ink bottles. The WOKOK is widely compatible with different printers, and sublimation sheets make printing over any medium hassle-free.  

10. Brother Genuine LC30113PKS 3 – Color Ink Cartridges

Brother Genuine LC30113PKS 3 - Color Ink Cartridges


  • Brand                       Brother
  • Compatibility         OEM
  • Sheet Yield              200
  • Colors Available    Cyan/Yellow/ Magenta

Brother Genuine is not a refillable ink. Rather it’s a replacement cartridge. These are the best sublimation ink for brother printers yielding high-quality prints up to 200 pages. The prints are smooth textured, and vivid colors boost the work efficiency of the printer.

The cartridge is manufactured with superior performance maps. It protects the print heads and generates brilliant quality images on versatile mediums. Moreover, the integrated system with compatible printers makes printing hassle-free. Brother printers work optimally when the ink is genuine and compatible.


  • Genuine Ink cartridges for Brother printers
  • Prevent print head clogging and damage
  • The rare combination of quantity and quality
  • Integrated with printer


  • Yellow ink runs out quickly

Not all printers have a refillable ink system. Most of the brands have specific ink systems. Therefore, if you are looking for replaceable cartridges for your sublimation tasks, Brother cartridges have the best ink for sublimation.

11. Ecodot Sublimation Ink Refill 400ML

Ecodot Sublimation Ink Refill 400ML


  • Brand                           Ecodot
  • Ink Quantity               100ml/ 4 bottles
  • Compatibility              Inkjet printers /Dye Sublimation
  • Certified                      ISO-9001 and ISO 14001

Ecodot is not a famous brand in the sublimation business. But the brand is emerging with the advanced technology of yearning for premium quality the bulk task. Hence, refilling the Ecotank will remove the worries of running out of ink in the middle of the task.

The heat transfer printer is compatible with Ecodot. The ink has stability on the t-shirts, ceramics, mugs, and banners. Nevertheless, You can customize a gift, home decorations, and even print theme items for an event.

Although I haven’t used the ink yet, I have analyzed the printed items, and the results are worthy to praise. The vibrant colors and water-based dye-sublimation enable quick and easy heat transfers over the mediums. The fade-resistant and anti UV refillable ink are stronger and stable enough to withstand water exposure.

The ink is ideal for the sublimation printing business and versatile mediums. However, you have to ensure the ink tank is empty and clean before refilling the Ecodot ink. Mixing previously filled ink and ecodot can cause clogging and low-quality prints.


  • Anti UV ink for sublimation enhances the durability of the prints
  • Dye sublimation ink is 3 layers filtered and prevents clogging
  • The heat transfer printing rate is admirable


  • Not suitable for pure or combination cotton fabric

The Ecodot splashes vibrant colors making the printouts unique and mesmerizing. Customizing versatile materials, including phone cases, shirts (polyester), shoes, caps, bags, and boxes, becomes fun and easily accessible. The ink is easy to refill and 3 layered filtered endurable for any print head.

Buying Guide For The Best Sublimation Ink In 2023

Buying Guide For The Best Sublimation Ink In 2022

Sublimation is a complex process and attaining optimum results depends on many factors. Not only efficient and well-established printers but also the transfer mediums and, most importantly, Sublimation ink play an important role. Genuine sublimation printers are available in limited models, but some inkjet printers can generate sublimation prints using compatible sublimation ink.

Are all sublimation inks the same? The precise answer is “No .”The sublimation inks are variable regarding consistency as well as functioning. Selection of the best sublimation ink guide will enable you to distinguish the ink types and find the one that meets your requirements.

Using the appropriate link will enable you to get the sublimation prints through inkjet and heat transfers. However, printers with EcoTank (Ink Supply System) and refillable cartridge systems need distinctive sublimation inks to perform optimum. So, if you plan to perform sublimation tasks for a business or home use, you have to select the ink compatible with the need.

In short, to find which sublimation ink is best, you need to read the guide thoroughly and get your ink.

Features To Analyze While Selecting Best Sublimation Ink

Here are some common features that one must analyze and look for while selecting the sublimation ink.

Available Printer

The type of printer determines the selection of the ink. Most printers have specific requirements regarding ink, and the type of ink aligned to its property can perform printing. Installing or refilling the wrong ink can destroy the print head and cause irreparable damage to the expensive printer. Epson Sublimation Ink has distinctive needs, and the demands of brothers’ printers are variable.

Therefore, cross-check the compatibility chart and available printer model while selecting the ink.

Ink Supply System

The specifications are given in the guidelines as some inks are suitable for refilling cartridges, and others are for ink supply systems.CISS and ICC profile settings are also available to download through official websites.

  • ICC Color Profiling

According to International Color Consortium, ICC profiling stands for mapping the computer colors RGB. Customizing the color saturation on the PC or operating system will adjust the mapping. The system is perfect for attaining the exact prints.

  • CISS Feature

the feature enables you to add the capacity of the inkjet printers, and the printer can yield bulk prints. The Dummy supply of silicone or PVC rubber tubes links with the cartridge and provides a non-stop supply of ink. It prevents emptying the cartridge. Eventually, the system will be suitable for commercial grade printing.

Viscosity and Stability of the Ink

High-speed printers are not suitable for low viscosity inks. However, low viscosity inks are suitable for heat transfers. High viscosity inks usually clog when the printer is used for home-based projects. In contrast, heat transfer on the viscose inks can cause color bleeds.

Selecting the Right Ink

There are several types of sublimation inks. While selecting the sublimation ink, you must comprehend what is the best sublimation ink for the task. An appropriate selection is a key to getting low-cost yet high-quality prints.

  • Dye- Sublimation Inks
  • Pigment-based Sublimation Inks
  • Solvent-Based Sublimation Inks
  •  Anti-UV Sublimation Inks
  • Water-Based Sublimation Inks

Each category contains distinctive features and performances.

Colour Quality

Usually, sublimation prints are colourful, and generating realistic colours determines the quality of the ink. To make your prints look more effective, you must know how to make sublimation colours brighter while applying different techniques.

The volume of Ink Bottles

The ink bottles also affect the cost of production. Often the larger inks with meagre stability also dry out and may reduce the production. However, the ink bottle with sufficient ink volume and usable for an extended period enhance the yield. 100ml bottles are enough for medium-grade printing; in contrast, the significantly larger volumes can perform better without fear of running out of ink in the middle of the task.

Compatibility of Print Medium

Before you select the sublimation ink, you must also know the compatibility of the ink with the sublimation ink. If the ink is not compatible with ceramics or glasses, it will either bleed colors or get smudged right after applying heat. Similarly, some inks are suitable for fabric prints, and others are appropriate for ceramic and crockery printing. There are undoubtedly some all-in-one inks, but that cost a bit higher than others.


Do you know there are few inks available in the market that are edible? Sublimation prints over cakes, creams, and cupcakes are trending with edible inks used in sublimation compatible printers or transfer papers. Similarly, Eco-friendly sublimation ink bottles are manufactured to cut the harmful discharges into the environment. Non-toxic and non-phenolic inks are environmentally friendly. Moreover, reusable bottles and ink refillers also decrease the disposable bottles’ landfills.

Ease of Use-Nozzle or Syringes

The ink bottle’s utility factor depends upon the refilling technique used. Nozzles are easy to refill in ICC profiles. However, in CISS systems, the ink bottles with caps are compatible. You can use syringes to inject the ink into refillable cartridges from caped bottles.

Cost of Ink

Sublimation prints and heat transfers are trending in the market. Customizing apparel and setting themes are in demand. However, the primary raw material used in the sublimation process is a  compatible sublimation ink. Unfortunately, the sublimation ink is costly and boosts the print’s manifolds’ prices.

Therefore, if you set up your printer for the sublimation tasks, one must invest wisely according to print demands and requirements. The cost of the ink can be determined using the print to ink usage ratio.

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FAQs – Best Sublimation Ink


Q NO.1: What is the best sublimation ink for the Epson printer?
Epson printers are available in versatile models, including EcoTank and cartridge systems. According to most users, INKXPRO is the most compatible sublimation ink for Epson printers.

Q NO.2: How to make sublimation colors brighter?
Besides the viscosity and quality of the sublimation ink, the heat applied also determines the colors of the prints. High heat and even pressure in heat transfers and sublimation printers will substrate the maximum dye.

Q NO.3: Why do my Sawgrass sg500 printing too light?
Faded Images are mostly due to uneven pressure and temperature. Sublimation blanks also cause fading and too-light prints. Adjusting sufficient pressure and optimum temperature can resolve your problem.

Q NO.4: What is anti- UV sublimation ink?
Manufactured with the latest technology, the Anti UV sublimation ink has significant storage time and withstands fading agents. Strong light, heat, and other oxidizing agents can fade the prints but Anti UV sublimation ink printed materials are durable and the best choice for fabrics and crockery items.

Q NO.5: What is a good brand of sublimation ink?
HIPPO is the most loved and trending brand of sublimation inks.

Q NO.6: Can I use different brands’ inks over the same printer?
Frequently changing the ink brands and types on a printer can create havoc. The printer head adjustment is difficult to achieve, and experimenting can ruin the printer. However, changing brands mix some of the portions of remaining inks and new inks, resulting in combination ink that results in clogging and necessitates cleaning.

Final Verdict


I have collected a list of the best sublimation ink on amazon. However, several other brands have high-quality prints yet are not available on Amazon. The selection of the best sublimation inks is important for vibrant and HD quality prints and essential for the optimum working of the printer.

Above mentioned links are mostly my tried and tested brands for sublimation work. However, I would never suggest trying each on your single printer. Rather I advise evaluating the compatibility and then finding your Cinderella. I can suggest 3 top sublimation inks from the list to refine the selection.