Best Sublimation Ink For Canon Printer With Buying Guide

Selecting the best Canon printer ink a source of frustration for you? Many individuals struggle to locate the best sublimation ink for canon printers for their needs. These sublimation inks are suitable for various printing applications, including T-shirt printing and many other products. We comprehend how hectic the buying process might be!

So in order to help you and save your time, we have spent a good time on testing and compiling a list of the best inks for your Canon printers available today. You can choose the Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer from this post. Also, with the help of our buying guide, you will learn everything you need to know before buying any sublimation ink for canon or any brand’s printer.

Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer | Detailed Guide By InkGuiding

1. OfficeKolor Compatible Sublimation Canon Ink Refill Bottle

OfficeKolor Compatible Sublimation Canon Ink Refill Bottle


  • Brand: OfficeKolor
  • 3000 Page Yield
  • Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  • Weight: 1.21 pounds

All inkjet printers, including eco tank, Canon, brother, and hp printers, can use OfficeKolor dye sublimation ink refill bottles. OfficeKolor dye ink helps you save money in the office by providing outstanding printing results and is appropriate for high-speed printing.

The yielding capacity of this Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer is around 3000 pages per bottle. Thus, it proves to be a cost-efficient ink for Canon printers. Additionally, the package contains 1x100ml magenta, cyan, black, and yellow sublimation ink. Moreover, it also includes the 4 x syringes and 2 x gloves.

The particle density is less than 1m, 0.5m 0.2m, and it can pass through the printer head without clogging it. These Canon inks perform admirably. I’ve tried “remanufactured” cartridges and failed miserably. Pay the original Canon prices!

Sublimation ink from OfficeKolor has a high heat transfer printing rate and delivers rich, vibrant colour. Furthermore, it has a high saturation, good permeability is quick to dry, waterproof, and does not fade. In fact, it produces the most long-lasting, high-quality, stable, intense, and brilliant colours available today.


  • Refill Ink and Waterproof as well
  • Cost-effective due to high yielding
  • Produce high-quality prints that are fade-proof


  • Limited one year warranty

For quality, I always use OfficeKolor brand ink for my Canon printer. My photos look considerably better because my printer is calibrated for these inks. Never clog and spit in your toilet. If you have got a Canon printer, don’t replace the ink as soon as it says it has to be replaced.

In fact, I usually wait to see if my printing has changed or if my computer alerts me that I’m out of ink. These will last much longer than the printer claims! The pricing is reasonable, and the ink quality is outstanding! Strongly suggested!

2. Printers Jack Four-Color Refill Ink Pack

Printers Jack Four-Color Refill Ink Pack


  • Brand: Printers Jack
  • Up to 7000 pages Yield
  • Color: Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow
  • Weight: ‎1.1 pounds

All Canon PIXMA printers can use the Printers Jack four-color Refill Ink set. The ink cartridges are simple to install & come in vacuum-sealed packets. Three 70ml containers for Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (one for each colour) and one 135ml container for black.

This Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer enables you to print a huge number of projects for a small amount of money. You can print full-color documents frequently, yet you’ll only need to replenish the cartridge every 6 to 9 months. Furthermore, ink cartridges can be purchased every two weeks by anyone.

The yielding capacity of this ink package is around 7000 pages. Thus, it proves to be a cost-efficient ink for Canon printers. This high-quality sublimation ink is compatible with Canon PIXMA G2200, G3200, G4200, G3100, G3400, G4210, GI-290, and G1200 Printers.

The colour and black-and-white printouts were identical while using the original Canon ink. To avoid obtaining air in the ink supply tubes, keep an eye on how much ink is left in your ink reservoirs. Additionally, fill your ink reservoirs before they run out of ink!


  • Brilliant Color with Fast Drying Speed
  • Refill Ink feature
  • No clog in the printer


  • Compatibility issues with Canon G3200 (sometimes)

These inks are incredibly high-quality. My Canon G4210 printer stopped printing prematurely, wasting ink due to several head cleaning & unclogging cycles. Afterward, I flushed the colour lines with syringes. These bottles helped me save money because they were less expensive and had a good color match. This product is highly recommended for Canon printers that use MegaTank ink.

3. Topcolor Compatible Refill Ink For Canon

Topcolor Compatible Refill Ink For Canon


  • Brand: Topcolor
  • Up to 7,500 pages Yield
  • Color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  • Weight: 1.06 pounds

Topcolor compatible Canon ink replacement is a cheap option for your printer to get high-quality dye inks. The TopColor compatible refill dye ink has been specially formulated to print outstanding results equivalent to original inkjet cartridges. Each set comes with 4 x 70ml (total 280ml).

The GI290 for Canon Pixma G4200 / G4210 / G2200 / G3200 / G1200 printer is an ideal replacement for your canon original ink cartridges due to its high quality and reliability. For a modest price, you get exceptional quality. Refilling ink is substantially more economical with ink tanks.

The Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer has been tested using various equipment and proved with more than 6000 pages for color bottles and 7500 pages for black bottles. It’s easy to replace and refill these cartridges. Please note that not all compatible products will print with the same quality as OEM products

It will enable you to save time & money with this premium dye ink. Every bottle has an easy opening knob to inject the ink into your printer. Each bottle can print at 5% coverage on A4 paper.


  • Vivid colors and fast-drying
  • Unique refill ink bottles
  • Fade-resistant and no plug


  • Black ink quality is average

This ink is fantastic, and I will continue to buy it! It’s a fraction of the price of the branded brand and performs just as well; I can’t tell the difference! It’s impossible to beat the price! The four hues cost the same as only one colour at the rival. It’s compatible with Canon printers. With the same print quality, this finished being a small cost. I will definitely purchase again! (MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE)

4. Printers Jack Canon MegaTank Printers Refill Ink Bottles

Printers Jack Canon MegaTank Printers Refill Ink Bottles


  • Brand: Printers Jack
  • Up to 6,000 pages Yield
  • Color: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black
  • Weight 1.12 pounds 

Printers Jack can print a significant quantity of training manuals. They look amazing with vibrant images because of the colour. Inkjet printing is less expensive than laser printing due to the cost of ink. You can also use a Canon 5020 printer that prints at 4800 x 1200 DPI resolution. 

The yielding capacity of this ink package is around 6000 pages. Thus, it proves to be a cost-efficient ink for Canon printers. This high-quality sublimation ink is compatible with Canon PIXMA G7020 G5020 G6020 MegaTank Printers.

Very easy to use and refill by coil replacement, contains a total of four bottles of ink. The 4 Pcs Black and 3 Pcs color set refill dye ink for Canon inkjet printer (compatible) come with one set of each color, black with 135ml in each bottle. This makes the pages seem sharp & clear and eliminates page stickiness in hot conditions.


  • Excellent quality at a reasonable cost
  • Flawless Color photos
  • Fade proof prints


  • One customer faces a nozzle issue

It’s the second time I’ve bought these from them. I was hesitant to buy an off-brand because I was pretty pleased with the outcomes. I had prints made with Canon ink as well as prints created with this ink. I’m delighted I purchased a printer that takes this kind of ink! It actually works better than cartridges and hasn’t dried out even when I haven’t used my printer in a long time. (MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE)

Best Sublimation Ink For Canon Printer – Buying Guide

Best Sublimation Ink For Canon Printer - Buying Guide

Long-Lasting and Water-Resistant

All colours used in Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer are waterproof; they will stay a long time and will not fade. Therefore, in order to ensure that your patterns do not fade away with use, check for the phrases “Water-resistant” as well as “Dustproof” in the instruction manuals.


The larger the ink bottles, the less frequently they must be refilled. Ink bottles with capacities of 100ml, 120ml, and 240ml are typical.

If you’re a casual user, 100ml bottles will suffice. However, you are using your printer on a regular basis for commercial or professional purposes. You’ll need the larger bottles. Remember that the larger the bottle. Hence, you’ll get more use out of it and the less often you’ll have to order and refill it.

Set In Its Entirety

It’s commonly a great idea to have a complete set. When you already have a printer at home, the sublimation inks typically come with cartridges and can be especially useful. Furthermore, most of these cartridges can be mounted outside. Thus you won’t be worried about their fitting inside the machine.


The more spaces your sublimation dye may use, the more versatile your brand becomes. Sublimation ink can be utilized on a wide range of materials & surfaces, including T-shirts, caps, footwear, as well as ceramics & polyester. If your sublimation ink colors are more versatile, you can print on more things.

Durability & Value For Money

It’s not always the case that the cheapest option is the best. That isn’t a good idea to invest a lot of money on a shiny but underperforming product is a brilliant idea.

Before putting them on the list, we determine how much value for money you can receive with your best sublimation ink for canon printers. Durability and dependability are inextricably linked. A solid and long-lasting best sublimation ink for Canon printers will last for months and years.

Additional Components

Additional accessories, such as injectors, syringes, and tube holders, include certain sublimation ink dye sets. When you need to replenish your cartridges, these come in useful. You won’t have to buy these accessories individually if they come with your colour and/or cartridges. That can be a pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q No.1: Is the Canon Pixma MG3620 inkjet printer a sublimation printer?
This dye sublimation ink for the Canon Pixma MG3620 is designed for the sublimation digital printing market. Meet the cost-effective criteria while also providing a long-lasting hue. For a long time, the market has tested the quality. The steadiness is really dependable.

Q No.2: Is it true that all sublimation inks are the same?
No, you get out what you spend for. It’s always a good idea to do some study on the printer and/or sublimation ink you plan to use.

Q No.3: On a Canon printer, how do you save ink?
Controlling the amount of ink used:

  • Go to the printer driver configuration window and click on it.
  • On the menu, select Control for Ink Usage. The dialogue box for Ink Usage Control appears.
  • If required, make the following adjustments: Black Ink should be saved. Controls the amount of black ink used when printing.
  • Save the changes. Click the OK button.

Q No.4: Is it possible to print sublimation & conventional prints on the same printer?
Nope. Sublimation ink should not be used for conventional printing. In the first place, most printers do not support sublimation. Nevertheless, some devices can be converted to sublimation printers or can conduct sublimation printing.

Final Words – Best Sublimation Ink For Canon Printer

I hope that our list of the Best Sublimation Ink for Canon Printer reviews assisted you well in picking hoods as per your needs. Selecting the appropriate sublimation ink for Canon is crucial for your designs, particularly whether you operate a home business or sell your products professionally.

Our top pick:

Printers Jack four colors Refill Ink pack is Waterproof sublimation ink dyes that stay long and do not fade. They look amazing with vibrant images because of the colour. 

The ink must be compatible with your printers, blend readily to achieve the desired colours, and produce a bright, brilliant final output. Almost all sublimation dyes on the market have similar characteristics; however, the best Canon sublimation ink will bring your photos, drawings, and logos to life!