Best Sublimation Ink For Brother Printer

Brother is one of the top printers that suit sublimation. But is it hard to find the sublimation ink for Brother Printer that gives the best results? Do not worry; we are here for your help. This article will help you get the best sublimation results by choosing the right ink.

The best sublimation ink for Brother is specially designed for compatibility with the Brother printer. It hence does not damage the printer, and you can use your printer for a long period. Besides this, the ink gives some overwhelming sublimation results. As a team of experts, we have tested and tried multiple brands of ink and listed some of the top picks for you that are compatible with Brother Printers.

Best Sublimation Ink For Brother Printer



Key Features


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Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Refilled Bottles

Compatible Devices: Multiple Printers
Page Yield: 3000
Special Feature: Waterproof

A-SUB 480ML Sublimation Ink Refill

Compatible Devices: Printer
Page Yield: High page yield
Special Feature: Refillable

Tonha 5-Pack Sublimation Ink

Compatible Devices: Printers
Page Yield: High page yield
Special Feature: Refill Ink

What Makes Brother a Top Pick For Sublimation

There are multiple brands of ink available in the market. All these brands are premium, but the Brother printer has a significant place in the market. Every printer by Brother has a special place in the market. Here you go with a few printers that will make you buy the Brother printer for sublimation.

Sturdy Building

Brother printer is well-known for its sturdy composition. It has a quality body construction that adds up to the durability of the printer. The printer is good for heavy-duty office work and huge sublimation tasks.

High Page-Yield

Brother offers a good page yield. There is no ink wastage during the printing process, making printing economical and pocket-friendly. The printer also has low running costs, which saves electricity and hence makes it an eco-friendly printing choice.

Size Availability

Brother printers are available in multiple sizes. You can choose one according to your requirement. Brother also offers some portable printers. You can enjoy printing even when you are traveling. There are printers available in every size that can adjust your working space.

Extra Features

Multiple models of Brother offer some of the extra features. They have scanners and fax machines attached to some models, which makes it the right choice for multitasking. Paper trays are attached to the printer, allowing easy storage of the paper and convenience of printing with the auto-feed system.

Ease Of Use

Brother printers is specially designed for the user’s convenience. These printers are easy to use, so every skill-level person can operate them after the initial information and training. Most Brother printers come with auto-cleaning options that make them a good choice for the maintenance of the printer.


The Brother printer offers multiple connectivity options. You can connect it to your computer through a USB or enjoy printing with wireless connections. There is also a Brother application by which we can carry out the sublimation printing directly from our phones.

What are the 3 Top Sublimation Inks Compatible with Brother Printer

What are the 3 Top Sublimation Inks Compatible with Brother Printer
  1. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Refilled Bottles
  2. A-SUB 480ML Sublimation Ink Refill
  3. Tonha 5-Pack Sublimation Ink

1. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Refilled Bottles – Best Sublimation Ink For Brother Printer

: Hiipoo
Compatible Devices: Multiple Printers
Page Yield: 3000
Special Feature: Waterproof
Color: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Product Dimensions: 6.5 * 1.73 * 5.12 Inches
Item Weight: 1.19 Pounds

Sublimation is more fun when we have the right set of ink and printer. I have been sublimating for more than a year with the Brother printer, and during this time, I found Hiipoo to be one of the best sublimation ink for Brother. The ink is high-quality and worth using.

The ink is compatible with multiple printers, so we can use it with any printer without going in-depth into the model. It works on almost all mediums,, so we sublimate on whatever we want, whether fabric or something that falls in the ceramics.

Hippo is a water-based ink that works great on sensitive fabrics like cotton. The high resistance level adds up to the durability of the ink. It is UV-Resistant, so the sun’s rays also cannot fade the design and make it look as if it is new for a long period.


  • The ink is Eco-friendly and hence safe to use
  • Clear and smooth ink for a special polished sublimation print
  • Reliable quality, so it does not damage your printer
  • Vibrant shades for attractive design printing
  • Versatile to use as the ink is widely compatible


  • The ink might look dull a bit initially but will be vibrant when transferred to ceramics or fabrics.

Hiipoo sublimation ink is a certified ink from ISO that keeps it secure for everyone. It is one of the best sublimation ink for Brother that we can use for fabric printing. It is durable with exceptional UV protection and fade-resistant shades.

2. A-SUB 480ML Sublimation Ink Refill – Best Sublimation Ink

Compatible Devices: Printer
Page Yield: High page yield
Special Feature: Refillable
Color: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Black
Product Dimensions: 3.94 * 3.94 * 6.14 Inches
Item Weight: 1.34 Pounds

I have been in the sublimation business for years. During all these years, I came through multiple inks. Among all these inks, I found the A-SUB ink as one of the best sublimation ink. Multiple features combined make this a premium choice.

The ink is made up of premium raw material that helps maintain the ink’s sublimation quality. It is made under strict manufacturing quality; hence we do not need to worry about the quality. The ink passes the three filtration technology, which makes the particles fine, and there is no clogging in the printer.

A-SUB comes in all the primary colors and large bottles that easily cover large projects without any hurdles. The shades of the ink are vibrant and fade-resistant, adding to the durability of the design. The compatible syringes are available in the package, so we can easily refill the cartridges for sublimation.


  • Convenient to use with the easy-to-fill bottles
  • Vibrant shades for a better-looking design
  • Zero clogging with the smooth ink
  • Large ink volume for hurdle-free printing
  • No-Fading for durable designs


  • The ICC profile might be a bit hard to use until you set it up correctly with the help of customer service.

A-SUB is a compatible ink for multiple mediums which makes it a great choice for making of the customized sublimation goods. It is one of the best sublimation ink with the no-fade and vibrant shades. We can handle multiple projects using this ink.

3. Tonha 5-Pack Sublimation Ink – Sublimation Ink For Printer

Label: Tonha
Compatible Devices: Printers
Page Yield: High page yield
Special Feature: Refill Ink
Color: Cyan, Black, Red, Yellow
Product Dimensions: 8.23 * 5.24 * 2.6 Inches
Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds

While looking for some premium sublimation ink for printers, I came across the Tonha 5-pack sublimation ink. On doing deep research, I found multiple features of the ink that pushed me to add the ink to the list of top sublimation inks.

The best part about the Tonha ink is its broad compatibility.We can use it with almost all the printers available at the workplace. The ink can support high heat and give out vivid shades with vibrant colors that enhance the blend of the shades and develop a bond of ink and printing medium.

Tonha is made after the three-filtration technology that enhances the texture of the ink and makes the design more precise and brilliant. This ink also enables the ink to move smoothly inside the printer, so there is no clogging, and the printer remains healthy.


  • Safe to use as the ink is certified by ISO9001
  • Brilliant colors for attractive designs
  • Guaranteed quality for high-quality usage
  • Wide application for versatile usage


  • It is a bit hard to fill the ink in the printer, but you can do it by practicing to handle the syringe.

I found Tonha as one of the premium sublimation ink for printers. The shades of the ink are vibrant and the best choice to sublimate over multiple mediums. You can choose the ink if you want to start a new sublimation business.

Buying Guide

Buying guide

Whenever you move to the market to buy something like sublimation ink, it is always recommended to study the insights of the product so you can make the precise purchase. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before buying the best sublimation ink for a Brother printer.


Whenever you move to the market to buy sublimation ink, check the ink compatibility. Make sure that the ink is compatible with your printer. Besides this, also check that the ink goes well with the toner you use in the printing process. Ink shows the best results when used with the correct printer and toner.

Ink Quality

The complete sublimation result depends upon the quality of the ink you are using. Always buy sublimation ink from a well-known brand. High-level brands are expensive but have certified quality that you can spend on without any potential printing issues.

Ink Texture

Sublimation ink texture decides the quality of the print. Always look for a sublimation ink with small particles. The tiny particles make the design more precise and look more realistic. There are also fewer chances of ink clogging inside the printer when the particle size is small. Smooth ink with a small particle size leads to a polished and smooth printing experience.


Ink packaging is available in multiple styles and packaging. We recommend you buy an ink package with more ink so you get enough ink while doing a big project. The pro tip is always to buy black ink in more quantity than other inks.

Ease Of Use

Always looks for ink with a handy design that is also easy to use. It is better to find ink with easy refill options, and there is no spilling while pouring and refilling. Some brands offer nozzle top that makes refilling convenient.

FAQs – Best Sublimation Ink For Brother Printer


Q No.1: Can we sublimate with the Brother printer?
Yes, we can sublimate with the Brother printer. Brother printer is designed in a way that it accepts both sublimation ink and can also carry out InkJet printing. All you need to do is to grab the right sublimation ink that goes with the Brother printer and does not clog inside the tubes.

Q No.2: Which models of Brother are compatible with sublimation printing?
Multiple models of Brother printers can go for sublimation printing. Brother sublimation models include Brother TCP-T300, MFC-T910W, DCP- T500W and many more. All these models carry out high-class sublimation.

Q No.3: How do I know I can sublimate with the Brother brand printer?
Every printer is not designed for sublimation. The printers with the Micro Piezo head can only be converted into a sublimation printer. These printers are easily available in the market.

Q No.4: How to prepare an InkJet printer for the sublimation process?
An InkJet printer can easily be converted into a sublimation process. Taking care of a few facts while the conversion will make your sublimation process much more manageable. Here you go with a list of precautions that you should take before sublimating with an InkJet printer.

  1. Use your previous ink completely.
  2. It is better to wash the ink tubes through auto cleaning to avoid clogging.
  3. Always buy printer-compatible sublimation ink.

Q No.5: Are the results of sublimation dull when we compare them to InkJet printing?
No, the sublimation results are not dull compared to the sublimation printing. They only look to be dull when they are on the sublimation paper. The real color comes when the design is transferred to other materials.

Final Verdict


Is it still hard to pick the best sublimation ink for a Brother printer? We are still at your service. Here you go with the best choice by our experts that will go great with your sublimation printer, and you will never regret buying it.

My Personal Favourite From All

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink Refilled Bottles – Best Sublimation Ink For Brother Printer is the right choice if you want to carry out textile sublimation. The stocks are limited, so grab yours before the stocks run away.